Week 3 : 15th -21st January 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s how the world looked in the third week of 1967:

  • January 15th – British Prime Minister Harold Wilson arrived in Rome to begin negotiations for the United Kingdom to gain membership in the European Economic Community, more commonly known at the time as The Common Market.
  • January 15th – The Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show for the second time, but only after acceding to a demand by Sullivan to alter the words of their hit song, “Let’s Spend the Night Together”. After Sullivan reportedly said, “Either the song goes or the Stones go,” Mick Jagger sang the refrain as “Let’s spend some time together.”
  • January 16th – At St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, gynecologist Gordon Bourne led a team of surgeons in London in performing the first fetal exchange transfusion on a human being, replacing the blood of an unborn child who was endangered by Rh factor incompatibilty. Because a safe premature delivery was deemed unfeasible, the Rh positive blood of the fetus was completely removed and replaced with one fifth of a pint of the mother’s Rh negative blood, two months ahead of the March 21 due date.
  • January 17th – U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas introduced the Bilingual Education Act, Senate Bill 428, as an amendment to the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The Act, the first American plan to provide education in Spanish as well as English to Mexican-American students in order to make them fully literate in the English language while educating them at the same time in other core curricula. Yarborough declared that the typical Mexican-American child “is wrongly led to believe from his first day of school that there is something wrong with him because of his language. This misbelief soon spreads to the image he has of his culture, of the history of his people, and of his people themselves. This is a subtle and cruel form of discrimination.”
  • January 18th – Jeremy Thorpe became leader of Britain’s Liberal Party, after receiving the votes of six of the 12 Liberal Party MPs in the House of Commons, ahead of Emlyn Hooson and Eric Lubbock, who each had three votes.
  • January 19th – The Monkees’, ‘I’m a Believer’ reached No. 1 in the UK charts, finally displacing Tom Jones’, ‘Green Green Grass of Home’ that had been at the top for seven weeks (the longest period at No. 1 since The Beatles’, ‘From Me To You’ in May 1963).
  • January 21st – In the first encounter between a computer and a master-rated chess player in a tournament, the “Mac Hack” computer program designed by Richard Greenblatt of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology program almost defeated another MIT student, Carl Wagner, who was rated at “a little above master” by the United States Chess Federation. Wagner was playing at the monthly chess club tournament at the YMCA building in Boylston, Massachusetts, while the Mac Hack (entered in the tournament as “Robert Q. Computer”) remained at MIT while the moves and responses were relayed by teletype.

And here’s how it was for Peggy, Cyril, Gill and Phil.

Sunday 15th January 1967
Cyril stayed in bed until midday. He’s up and about again now, but I don’t think he’s fit yet. Went down to the Parkers’ after lunch and saw the new baby.

Monday 16th January 1967
Cyril going to Derby – very early.
Cyril made it to Derby and back and doesn’t seem any the worse for his adventure. The children left school early today so we walked round to Penny Nairne’s – couldn’t find any anoraks to fit them. Rang Will.

Tuesday 17th January 1967
I really quite enjoyed my driving lesson today and felt I was driving the car instead of the other way round!! Phil had Nicky round to tea and Gillian had Jill round – so they are quite happy. Cyril going to Dr. L. about his throat.

Wednesday 18th January 1967
Very busy at the office. Went back this afternoon to try and catch up but spent most of the time answering the phone. Gillian went to Brownies. Pantomime on Saturday for the Oxshott Brownies.

Thursday 19th January 1967
Cyril went off to Cardiff – he seemed quite cheerful when he rang tonight. I played badminton then came home, washed, cleaned windows and brass! Have done three hours work on the cheques tonight. Need the money!! Very tired now (11:25pm).

Friday 20th January 1967
Cyril didn’t come home until 3-ish so I worked until two o’clock. Then came home and did some washing before going to meet the children. We went straight to Leatherhead and did a bit of shopping.

Saturday 21st January 1967
(Peggy’s birthday)
Gill to panto with Brownies.
Have had eleven cards – a plant from Gill, four biros from Phil – box liqueurs and box of chocs from Cyril. We went up to the village early and I have at last spent my Christmas money. There was a sale at the Boutique and I bought the coat I’ve looked at several times. It was 20 guineas (a guinea was one pound and one shilling) reduced to 12 guineas – green llama – Windsmoor. While Gill was at the Panto, we went to Surbiton and traded our Green Shield Stamps for a steam iron.


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