Week 4 : 22nd-28th January 1967


Happy Birthday Peggy! 21st January

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:- 

  • January 22nd – Soviet dissident leader Vladimir Bukovsky organized a protest demonstration in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, with marchers carrying banners decrying the suppression of free speech. Bukovsky  was arrested along with fellow dissidents Vadim Delaunay. They would use the resulting trial as an opportunity to challenge whether the Soviet government could reconcile its acts against the guarantees of the Soviet constitution, which promised freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
  • January 23rd – Milton Keynes, a planned city in England’s Buckinghamshire County, was formally designated as one of the “new towns” to be created under the 1965 revision to the New Towns Act 1946.
  • January 23rd – In Munich, the trial began of former SS-General Wilhelm Harster, who stood accused of the murder of 82,856 Jews (including Anne Frank) during his tenure as chief of German security police during the Nazi German occupation of the Netherlands.
  • January 23rd – NASA announced that the Apollo 1, first of the American space shots to have three astronauts, would be launched on February 21, with Virgil Grissom commanding, and Edward White and Roger Chaffee as the other two crew members.
  • January 25th – Representatives of Israel and Syria met on the Syrian side of the border along with observers from the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization, for their first discussions of a settlement in the demilitarized zones between their two nations, in order to allow “farming and grazing by both sides without harassment”.
  • January 26th – The House of Commons voted 306 to 220 to nationalize the British steel industry for the second time in United Kingdom history. The first nationalization had been approved by the Labour government in 1950, then denationalized in 1952 during the second administration of Winston Churchill.
  • January 28th – Apollo 1 was destroyed by fire at Cape Kennedy, killing all three of the American astronauts on board. The three men were inside the capsule of the Saturn rocket, engaged in a simulation of the planned launch, and were wearing their pressurized space suits while in a pure oxygen atmosphere. A spark from a short-circuited wire ignited a flash fire and the pure oxygen and flammable material allowing the flames to burn quickly. Within 17 seconds pressure from the expansion of gases had ruptured the command module.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s universe:-

Sunday 22nd January 1967
Cyril has been busy in the garden today, pruning the roses! I was all set to get my feet up and nod off after washing up, but decided to go and wash the car. Then of course it started to rain!!

Monday 23rd January 1967
Went back to work and brought some home so have put in a long day. Cyril not well again – seems to have yet another cold.

Tuesday 24th January 1967
Had a bad night last night – Cyril very restless and Phil started coughing. Worked through today until 3:30 as Cyril was in town. He’s not home yet (5:45) so he wont be too bright, coming home in rush hour!

Wednesday 25th January 1967
Worked all day again today. Have put in over the hundred now!! Cyril wasn’t home in time for a cooked lunch so I got more fish and we all had fish and chips for tea.

Thursday 26th January 1967
I seem to have started a heavy cold- but it didn’t stop me having some good games of badminton after I had been to the Road Safety meeting at school.

Friday 27th January 1967
Have a filthy cold – my driving lesson did nothing to boost my morale today. All went wrong. Have stirred myself and done a load of washing this evening. Philip coughing a lot.

Saturday 28th January 1967
Nasty, miserable, wet day. The children have both spent it in bed. Philip coughing a great deal and Gill running a slight temperature. I had an hour on the sofa after lunch and Cyril did most of the ironing for me! We only made a quick trip to the bank in Esher and one to the village this morning. Have put Canasta off tonight.


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