Week 9 : 26th February-4th March 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • February 27th – The first armed robbery in Ireland since World War II took place when three masked men with revolvers entered a branch of the Royal Bank of Ireland in Drumcondra, Dublin and took £3,265 Irish in cash. The crime surprised Ireland’s police and, “was greeted with public shock throughout Ireland”.
  • February 27th – Born: Jonathan Ive, British industrial designer responsible for many Apple products including the iMac, iPhone and iPad, in Chingford, Essex.
  • February 28th – At Stechford, Birmingham, a Manchester-Coventry four-carriage electric train collided with a diesel locomotive, killing the driver and eight passengers, and injuring another 16 people.
  • March 1st  – The Queen Elizabeth Hall was opened on London’s South Bank.
  • March 2nd  – U.S. President Lyndon Johnson announced that Soviet Union Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin had agreed to discussions between the two nations to limit the number of nuclear missiles that each side would possess.
  • March 2nd  – Englebert Humperdinck’s ‘Release Me’ replaced Petula Clark’s ‘This Is My Song’ at No. 1 in the UK.
  • March 4th  – Despite being behind, 2-0, at halftime,Queens Park Rangers became the first 3rd Division side to win the League Cup, defeating 1st Division side West Bromwich Albion 3–2, at the final at Wembley Stadium in front of a crowd of 97,952.
  • March 4th – Born: Tim Vine, English comedian and actor, in Cheam, London.
  • March 5th  – Five passengers were killed and 18 injured in the derailment of an express train near Conington, Huntingdonshire, after a 20-year old railway signalman intentionally flipped a switch to activate a mechanical lock on the tracks. A. J. Frost, who had been discharged from the Royal Marines two years earlier for, “hysteria and immature personality”, was acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

And this is what the family were up to in Oxshott:-

Sunday 26th February 1967
I was up first – took teas up and prepared breakfast. Then shampoo-ed the three of us. Don’t know why, but I am suffering with back ache. Made some buns with dried yeast this afternoon.

Monday 27th February 1967
Children went off to school quite happily. I went back to a great deal of work – had to go in this afternoon and bring some home. Very painful back ache again. Phil came up in an itchy rash overnight and I spent most of the night in his bed.

Tuesday 28th February 1967
Driving lesson
Back still bad. High winds and hail stones while I was having my lesson this afternoon. Haven’t had my pay cheque yet so don’t know what sort of a bonus I have. Arranged for Osmans to fit a new light in the kitchen and one in the understairs cupboard.

Wednesday 1st March 1967
Gill had a bad night and has spent the day in bed. Tummy ache. Have had the kitchen and cellar (the understairs cupboard, we definitely didn’t have a cellar.) lights done. Worked a great number of hours!

Thursday 2nd March 1967
Gillian back at school today. She seems quite fit again. Very busy at the office. Could do with a week of full days to catch up! One thing – I didn’t bring any home with me tonight. Should get cracking with some letter writing.

Friday 3rd March 1967
Driving lesson
Lesson was a bit tiring today – going round and round in Weybridge. I made several mistakes. Cyril not home until 6:15pm and by then I had done all the washing and hoovering. Have ironed tonight.

Saturday 4th March 1967
We were up quite early – Cyril went off to Cobham and bought the wood for the office Shelves. Then we went to Esher – it’s a lovely day. I did the washing before we went to Esher and ironed it before lunch. Did 3¼ hours at the office this afternoon. Having a salmon supper tonight!




Week 8 – 19th-25th February 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week in 1967:-

  • February 19th – The American space probe Lunar Orbiter 3 sent back the first detailed pictures of the far side of the Moon, not visible from the Earth.
  • February 20th – Born: Kurt Cobain, American musician and artist, leader of the band Nirvana; in Aberdeen, Washington.
  • February 21st – Voting concluded in the five day long national parliamentary election for the Lok Sabha. The Indian National Congress party, led by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, lost 78 seats but retained majority control, with 283 of the 520 available.
  • February 22nd – Died: David Ferrie, 48, was found dead in his New Orleans home only four days after Jim Garrison had announced his plans to indict alleged conspirators in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Ferrie had been a flying service operator who had been accused by Garrison of being a “get-away pilot” for participants. United Press International noted at the time that Ferrie was, “at least the 14th person to die who had something to do, directly, indirectly, or by the slightest of connections, with the assassination of President Kennedy and its aftermath”.
  • February 24th – Albert DeSalvo, who had confessed to the 13 murders of women carried out by the “Boston Strangler”, escaped from the Bridgewater State Hospital, a mental institution where he had been held after being tried and convicted for several rapes.
  • February 25th – Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. began speaking out at length against American involvement in the Vietnam War, starting with a speech in Los Angeles for The Nation Institute, titled “The Casualties of the War in Vietnam”. Among the “casualties” that he referred to were “the Charter of the United Nations”, “the principle of self-determination”, “the Great Society” programs, “the humility of our nation”, “the principle of dissent” and “the prospects of mankind’s survival”.
  • February 25th – Britain’s second Polaris missile submarine, HMS Renown, was launched.
  • February 25th – Born: Nick Leeson, British stock trader whose speculative trading caused the collapse of the venerable Barings Bank in 1995; in Watford

Meanwhile, back in Oxshott, here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s world:-

Sunday 19th February 1967
Not a very nice day – raining and cold. I’m glad I did the washing yesterday. Was going to have ½hr in the Anglia – but she was out of petrol!!  (I must buy 4 galls before I can do much more driving). Wrote to Mur.

Monday 20th February 1967
Went to the office as usual and worked till 11:30 – have done a lot at home also (and cleaned the house). Filthy, wet and cold day. Joan rang. Really must get down to some writing – and send our party invitation reply.

Tuesday 21st February 1967
Did my office chores – the three of us spent some time in the garden during the afternoon, having a bonfire and doing some general tidying up. Cyril very late home – the Corsair sprang a leak in the radiator hose and had to be left overnight at Chessington. I went to a Young Wives Committee meeting.

Wednesday 22nd February 1967
Still stormy. Worked this morning and took it all back this evening to give me a fair start tomorrow. Joan rang – nothing new to report. Ought to write some letters tonight.

Thursday 23rd February 1967
Cyril – half day.
We all went off to the Natural History Museum this afternoon. Took Helen with us too. Cyril and I were worn out!! Am going to get down to the month end list presently! Roll on pay day.

Friday 24th February 1967
D Lesson
Another hectic day at the office. I expect I am in bad books as I left at noon – in the thick of it! My lesson went off quite well. Cyril did the bank and took Phil for a haircut. Then we all went shopping – and what a shopping! Enormous list at Price-rite.

Saturday 25th February 1967
Didn’t have to rush off this morning so I did the washing before we went up to the village. We then went on to Claygate to buy some water pistols!! Turned out fine this afternoon. Gill came up to the office with me for a couple of hours. Philip helped Daddy in the garden.


Week 7 : 12th-18th Feburary 1967


Diary Shelf

Here’s what was happening around the world this week:-

  • February 12th – In Chichester, West Sussex, police raided ‘Redlands’, the home of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards in the early hours of the morning following a tip-off about a party from the News of the World. No arrests were made at the time, but Richards, Mick Jagger and art dealer Robert Fraser would subsequently be convicted of possession of drugs.
  • February 13th – The Beatles released the songs ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ on the same 45 rpm record as a double A-sided single in the United States, with a release in the UK four days later. Both were about locations in Liverpool.
  • February 14th – The United States resumed bombing of North Vietnam.
  • February 16th –  Petula Clark’s ‘This Is My World’ replaced the Monkees at No 1 in the UK.
  • February 17th – ‘Fine Structure of RNA Codewords Recognized by Bacterial, Amphibian, and Mammalian Transfer RNA’, authored by Marshall Nirenberg, Richard E Marshland and C Thomas Caskey, was published in the weekly magazine, Science, revealing the discovery that the genetic code is universal in all biological systems.
  • February 17th – New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison announced at a press conference that he believed that the assassination of John F. Kennedy had been a conspiracy, and that his office had been working on the seeking an indictment over, “the possible role of some individuals in New Orleans”.
  • February 18th – Died: J. Robert Oppenheimer, 62, American atomic physicist, died of throat cancer.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s universe:-

Sunday 12th February 1967
We went to see Doris this afternoon – found her quite cheerful – saw Eileen there as well.

Monday 13th February 1967
Very busy at the office and had quite a cleaning session at home this evening – floors, brass etc. and some baking. Very pleased with the cooker. Joan rang. Phyl and Mary came in until 11:25.

Tuesday 14th February 1967
Gill and Phil had Jean and Nicky to tea. Philip gave me my only Valentine! Just going to get ready for Young Wives. Took an iced Victoria sandwich to the office. Very well received.

Wednesday 15th February 1967
School day off.
Went to have a hair cut and had a shampoo & set as well! Very posh. Feeling very elegant. Joan rang. She’s booked us in the hotel for 18th.

Thursday 16th February 1967
D. Lesson
Had 1½ hour driving lesson today. Out in the traffic –  Weybridge via Esher. Bit gruelling. Picked the children up at 3:30 and went on to badminton until 5pm. Cyril gone to Cardiff by road. I’m going to try and write some letters now.

Friday 17th February 1967
School breaks up for half term.
What a day at the office!! I wouldn’t like every day to be so hectic. Cyril arrived home earlier than we expected having had a good journey. Mary brought in a whole salmon which we are going to share (11/6d each)(57½p if I remember correctly!)

Saturday 18th February 1967
Have to go to the office and open the mail.
Beautiful morning. I spent two hours at the office then we went on to Esher. Had our lovely Salmon lunch, then Cyril gave the car a wash and we went out onto Chobham Common, but it was terribly cold. We went on the the Greens and had a cuppa. Home in time for Gill to watch The Monkees!!! Joan rang.

Week 6 : 5th-11th Feburary 1967


Sadly, this week we say goodbye to dear Uncle Mick, Peggy’s younger brother (seen here on the right, putting the world to rights with his brother, our Uncle Rob).  Uncle Mick was a kind and dear gentleman and will be missed by all the family. His knowledge of the Morgan car company was second to none.

RIP Michael Lawrence Taylor and much love and sympathy to Auntie Sue.

Here’s what was happening around the world this week:-

  • February 6th – WBC world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali defeated the WBA’s heavyweight champ, Ernie Terrell, at the Houston Astrodome. In the publicity leading up to the bout, Terrell had repeatedly used Ali’s former name, Cassius Clay. Starting in the 8th round, Ali repeatedly shouted at Terrell, “What’s my name?” as he threw punches. The bout went the full 15 rounds, and Ali won with a unanimous decision. Ali would be stripped of both WBC and WBA titles on April 28 for refusing induction into the U.S. Army.
  • February 6th – Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin arrived in London to begin the first of five private conferences with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.
  • February 7th -Micky Dolenz of The Monkees met Paul McCartney at his home in St John’s Wood, London, and they posed together for the press. His impressions of the visit would feature in the lyrics of “Randy Scouse Git”, a title Dolenz borrowed from the British TV sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, not realising it was an offensive term.
  • February 8th – U.S. President Lyndon Johnson sent a letter to North Vietnam’s President Ho Chi Minh, by way of Moscow, that began, “Dear Mr. President: I am writing to you in the hope that the conflict in Viet Nam can be brought to an end,” and outlining his proposal that, “I am prepared to order a cessation of bombing against your country… as soon as I am assured that infiltration into South Viet Nam by land and by sea has stopped.
  • February 9th – Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin met Queen Elizabeth II in London, and was received at Buckingham Palace for a state dinner, marking the first time that a British monarch had received a Soviet leader.
  • February 11th – In the first counterattack by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army against the student participants in China’s Cultural Revolution, the “February Countercurrent” began as the 69th Army Corps recaptured the city of Baoding, restored Governor Liu Zihou to power, and jailed more than 1,000 members of the “August First” group of the Red Guards.
  • But here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s universe:-

Sunday 5th February 1967
Took Gillian and Philip to Church at 10am. Gillian carried the flag of the First Oxshott (Brownies)! Cyril still in a niggley mood. We went out in the Anglia for quarter hour – but no words of praise or encouragement. We all went out this pm – Box Hill, Coldharbour etc.

Monday 6th February 1967
Went out for a 15 minute drive at lunchtime with Cyril in the Anglia. Not such a nice day today and tending to be foggy this evening. Have been doing a spot of homework. Joan rang.

Tuesday 7th February 1967
YW to St Andrew’s PCC
All behind – it’s Thursday now and doesn’t time fly!! The PCC went off quite well and the new Vicar seems to be charming. It was like visiting Royalty!

Wednesday 8th February 1967
New cooker
I didn’t go to PTA – was anxious to have news of Tim and it’s better news – he doesn’t have to go to hospital for three months – six months to Radcliffe. Joan was very relieved. So were we. The new cooker is very elegant. Have made a few cakes.

Thursday 9th February 1967
Cooked the lunch automatically! Quite successful!! Went out for 15 minutes drive. Played badminton. Heard from British Legion (ah that’s what it was last week!) that Joan and I are on the list for the Holland trip in May! Philip says he will miss me!

Friday 10th February 1967
D. Lesson
Very sad news today that Eileen Buchan’s husband died last night. Poor Eileen and young Andrew. My driving lesson wasn’t a very successful one – everything went wrong! We went shopping when Cyril got home and were worn out!!

Saturday 11th February 1967
We weren’t going to to do much, go far, or spend much this morning – but we did! First to Esher for some money, back to Oxshott and Cobham to spend it!! Bought anoraks for the children (£8.11.0!!) jeans for Philip (£1.1.3) shelf covering (£1.1.0)!! So it was a bit of a spend up. Made cakes this afternoon.