Week 6 : 5th-11th Feburary 1967


Sadly, this week we say goodbye to dear Uncle Mick, Peggy’s younger brother (seen here on the right, putting the world to rights with his brother, our Uncle Rob).  Uncle Mick was a kind and dear gentleman and will be missed by all the family. His knowledge of the Morgan car company was second to none.

RIP Michael Lawrence Taylor and much love and sympathy to Auntie Sue.

Here’s what was happening around the world this week:-

  • February 6th – WBC world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali defeated the WBA’s heavyweight champ, Ernie Terrell, at the Houston Astrodome. In the publicity leading up to the bout, Terrell had repeatedly used Ali’s former name, Cassius Clay. Starting in the 8th round, Ali repeatedly shouted at Terrell, “What’s my name?” as he threw punches. The bout went the full 15 rounds, and Ali won with a unanimous decision. Ali would be stripped of both WBC and WBA titles on April 28 for refusing induction into the U.S. Army.
  • February 6th – Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin arrived in London to begin the first of five private conferences with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.
  • February 7th -Micky Dolenz of The Monkees met Paul McCartney at his home in St John’s Wood, London, and they posed together for the press. His impressions of the visit would feature in the lyrics of “Randy Scouse Git”, a title Dolenz borrowed from the British TV sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, not realising it was an offensive term.
  • February 8th – U.S. President Lyndon Johnson sent a letter to North Vietnam’s President Ho Chi Minh, by way of Moscow, that began, “Dear Mr. President: I am writing to you in the hope that the conflict in Viet Nam can be brought to an end,” and outlining his proposal that, “I am prepared to order a cessation of bombing against your country… as soon as I am assured that infiltration into South Viet Nam by land and by sea has stopped.
  • February 9th – Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin met Queen Elizabeth II in London, and was received at Buckingham Palace for a state dinner, marking the first time that a British monarch had received a Soviet leader.
  • February 11th – In the first counterattack by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army against the student participants in China’s Cultural Revolution, the “February Countercurrent” began as the 69th Army Corps recaptured the city of Baoding, restored Governor Liu Zihou to power, and jailed more than 1,000 members of the “August First” group of the Red Guards.
  • But here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s universe:-

Sunday 5th February 1967
Took Gillian and Philip to Church at 10am. Gillian carried the flag of the First Oxshott (Brownies)! Cyril still in a niggley mood. We went out in the Anglia for quarter hour – but no words of praise or encouragement. We all went out this pm – Box Hill, Coldharbour etc.

Monday 6th February 1967
Went out for a 15 minute drive at lunchtime with Cyril in the Anglia. Not such a nice day today and tending to be foggy this evening. Have been doing a spot of homework. Joan rang.

Tuesday 7th February 1967
YW to St Andrew’s PCC
All behind – it’s Thursday now and doesn’t time fly!! The PCC went off quite well and the new Vicar seems to be charming. It was like visiting Royalty!

Wednesday 8th February 1967
New cooker
I didn’t go to PTA – was anxious to have news of Tim and it’s better news – he doesn’t have to go to hospital for three months – six months to Radcliffe. Joan was very relieved. So were we. The new cooker is very elegant. Have made a few cakes.

Thursday 9th February 1967
Cooked the lunch automatically! Quite successful!! Went out for 15 minutes drive. Played badminton. Heard from British Legion (ah that’s what it was last week!) that Joan and I are on the list for the Holland trip in May! Philip says he will miss me!

Friday 10th February 1967
D. Lesson
Very sad news today that Eileen Buchan’s husband died last night. Poor Eileen and young Andrew. My driving lesson wasn’t a very successful one – everything went wrong! We went shopping when Cyril got home and were worn out!!

Saturday 11th February 1967
We weren’t going to to do much, go far, or spend much this morning – but we did! First to Esher for some money, back to Oxshott and Cobham to spend it!! Bought anoraks for the children (£8.11.0!!) jeans for Philip (£1.1.3) shelf covering (£1.1.0)!! So it was a bit of a spend up. Made cakes this afternoon.


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