Week 7 : 12th-18th Feburary 1967


Diary Shelf

Here’s what was happening around the world this week:-

  • February 12th – In Chichester, West Sussex, police raided ‘Redlands’, the home of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards in the early hours of the morning following a tip-off about a party from the News of the World. No arrests were made at the time, but Richards, Mick Jagger and art dealer Robert Fraser would subsequently be convicted of possession of drugs.
  • February 13th – The Beatles released the songs ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ on the same 45 rpm record as a double A-sided single in the United States, with a release in the UK four days later. Both were about locations in Liverpool.
  • February 14th – The United States resumed bombing of North Vietnam.
  • February 16th –  Petula Clark’s ‘This Is My World’ replaced the Monkees at No 1 in the UK.
  • February 17th – ‘Fine Structure of RNA Codewords Recognized by Bacterial, Amphibian, and Mammalian Transfer RNA’, authored by Marshall Nirenberg, Richard E Marshland and C Thomas Caskey, was published in the weekly magazine, Science, revealing the discovery that the genetic code is universal in all biological systems.
  • February 17th – New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison announced at a press conference that he believed that the assassination of John F. Kennedy had been a conspiracy, and that his office had been working on the seeking an indictment over, “the possible role of some individuals in New Orleans”.
  • February 18th – Died: J. Robert Oppenheimer, 62, American atomic physicist, died of throat cancer.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s universe:-

Sunday 12th February 1967
We went to see Doris this afternoon – found her quite cheerful – saw Eileen there as well.

Monday 13th February 1967
Very busy at the office and had quite a cleaning session at home this evening – floors, brass etc. and some baking. Very pleased with the cooker. Joan rang. Phyl and Mary came in until 11:25.

Tuesday 14th February 1967
Gill and Phil had Jean and Nicky to tea. Philip gave me my only Valentine! Just going to get ready for Young Wives. Took an iced Victoria sandwich to the office. Very well received.

Wednesday 15th February 1967
School day off.
Went to have a hair cut and had a shampoo & set as well! Very posh. Feeling very elegant. Joan rang. She’s booked us in the hotel for 18th.

Thursday 16th February 1967
D. Lesson
Had 1½ hour driving lesson today. Out in the traffic –  Weybridge via Esher. Bit gruelling. Picked the children up at 3:30 and went on to badminton until 5pm. Cyril gone to Cardiff by road. I’m going to try and write some letters now.

Friday 17th February 1967
School breaks up for half term.
What a day at the office!! I wouldn’t like every day to be so hectic. Cyril arrived home earlier than we expected having had a good journey. Mary brought in a whole salmon which we are going to share (11/6d each)(57½p if I remember correctly!)

Saturday 18th February 1967
Have to go to the office and open the mail.
Beautiful morning. I spent two hours at the office then we went on to Esher. Had our lovely Salmon lunch, then Cyril gave the car a wash and we went out onto Chobham Common, but it was terribly cold. We went on the the Greens and had a cuppa. Home in time for Gill to watch The Monkees!!! Joan rang.


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