Week 9 : 26th February-4th March 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • February 27th – The first armed robbery in Ireland since World War II took place when three masked men with revolvers entered a branch of the Royal Bank of Ireland in Drumcondra, Dublin and took £3,265 Irish in cash. The crime surprised Ireland’s police and, “was greeted with public shock throughout Ireland”.
  • February 27th – Born: Jonathan Ive, British industrial designer responsible for many Apple products including the iMac, iPhone and iPad, in Chingford, Essex.
  • February 28th – At Stechford, Birmingham, a Manchester-Coventry four-carriage electric train collided with a diesel locomotive, killing the driver and eight passengers, and injuring another 16 people.
  • March 1st  – The Queen Elizabeth Hall was opened on London’s South Bank.
  • March 2nd  – U.S. President Lyndon Johnson announced that Soviet Union Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin had agreed to discussions between the two nations to limit the number of nuclear missiles that each side would possess.
  • March 2nd  – Englebert Humperdinck’s ‘Release Me’ replaced Petula Clark’s ‘This Is My Song’ at No. 1 in the UK.
  • March 4th  – Despite being behind, 2-0, at halftime,Queens Park Rangers became the first 3rd Division side to win the League Cup, defeating 1st Division side West Bromwich Albion 3–2, at the final at Wembley Stadium in front of a crowd of 97,952.
  • March 4th – Born: Tim Vine, English comedian and actor, in Cheam, London.
  • March 5th  – Five passengers were killed and 18 injured in the derailment of an express train near Conington, Huntingdonshire, after a 20-year old railway signalman intentionally flipped a switch to activate a mechanical lock on the tracks. A. J. Frost, who had been discharged from the Royal Marines two years earlier for, “hysteria and immature personality”, was acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

And this is what the family were up to in Oxshott:-

Sunday 26th February 1967
I was up first – took teas up and prepared breakfast. Then shampoo-ed the three of us. Don’t know why, but I am suffering with back ache. Made some buns with dried yeast this afternoon.

Monday 27th February 1967
Children went off to school quite happily. I went back to a great deal of work – had to go in this afternoon and bring some home. Very painful back ache again. Phil came up in an itchy rash overnight and I spent most of the night in his bed.

Tuesday 28th February 1967
Driving lesson
Back still bad. High winds and hail stones while I was having my lesson this afternoon. Haven’t had my pay cheque yet so don’t know what sort of a bonus I have. Arranged for Osmans to fit a new light in the kitchen and one in the understairs cupboard.

Wednesday 1st March 1967
Gill had a bad night and has spent the day in bed. Tummy ache. Have had the kitchen and cellar (the understairs cupboard, we definitely didn’t have a cellar.) lights done. Worked a great number of hours!

Thursday 2nd March 1967
Gillian back at school today. She seems quite fit again. Very busy at the office. Could do with a week of full days to catch up! One thing – I didn’t bring any home with me tonight. Should get cracking with some letter writing.

Friday 3rd March 1967
Driving lesson
Lesson was a bit tiring today – going round and round in Weybridge. I made several mistakes. Cyril not home until 6:15pm and by then I had done all the washing and hoovering. Have ironed tonight.

Saturday 4th March 1967
We were up quite early – Cyril went off to Cobham and bought the wood for the office Shelves. Then we went to Esher – it’s a lovely day. I did the washing before we went to Esher and ironed it before lunch. Did 3¼ hours at the office this afternoon. Having a salmon supper tonight!




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