Week 13 : 26th March-1st April 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:

  • March 26th – Battered by a gale, the supertanker Torrey Canyon broke into two pieces eight days after it had wrecked, sending almost all of its remaining cargo of crude oil into the sea off of the coast of Cornwall.
  • March 26th – Scottish nationalists removed signs that marked the border between England and Scotland, in a symbolic act of reclaiming Berwick-upon-Tweed. City officials would return the border markings to their marked location a few days later.
  • March 28th – Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical Populorum progressio, giving support to the principle of educating the public about birth control, without relaxing the long-standing Roman Catholic Church ban on artificial contraception. On April 18, the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, would clarify that the encyclical must not be interpreted as a change in the Church’s position against birth control.
  • March 28th – The Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force dropped firebombs on the wreckage of the supertanker Torrey Canyon and the mile wide carpet of oil that had been leaking into the sea for the past ten days in an effort to prevent further fouling of the beaches of Cornwall.
  • March 30th -The Beatles posed with a photographic collage and wax figures from Madame Tussaud’s famous museum for the cover artwork of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.
  • March 31st -Kicking off a tour with The Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck at The Astoria in London, Jimi Hendrix set fire to his guitar on stage for the first time. He was taken to hospital suffering burns to his hands.
  • April 1st – Radio Zurich played an April Fool’s Day joke on its listeners, by interrupting regular programming with bulletins about an American manned landing on the Moon. “Belief in the story was increased,” a UPI dispatch noted, “because there are no week-end newspapers in Switzerland and television does not start broadcasting until 6 p.m.”

But here’s what Peggy and the family are doing:

Sunday 26th March 1967 Easter Sunday
Great excitement when the children found Easter eggs in the nesting boxes!!! All the family to tea – a very merry gathering and another late night.

Monday 27th March 1967
Back home with Dad
Up and about early as the children wanted to go to see the cows milked. Cyril and I fetched Dad about 11am. We set out about 2.20pm – home at 6.20pm. Not too bad.

Tuesday 28th March 1967
Cyril at Cardiff.
Loads of work piled up at the office. I worked all morning. Went for a walk this afternoon and have worked – or tried to – all evening. Feeling very tired. It’s 11:30pm now.

Wednesday 29th March 1967
Cyril Cardiff am/Derby pm
Up quite early – had two (wrong number) telephone calls before 7:30am!! Only worked till lunch time – haven’t brought any home either! Goodness knows when I’m going to see the light. Dad and I went to the village this afternoon.

Thursday 30th March 1967
Feeling very tired. Suppose I’m trying to do too much. Called at Dr Little’s for some cough syrup for Gill (broke the damn bottle at lunch time and lost half of it!!).  Went for a walk over the Heath and up to the village after lunch. Cyril got home about 7:35pm. Children were still up.

Friday 31st March 1967
Didn’t go out walking this afternoon – did the washing instead. We really are having lovely weather. Stan went to America today. Cyril and I went shopping before tea.

Saturday 1st April 1967
Did the rest of the washing then we all went to Esher. Had my passport photo taken and must now fill in the forms. Went to work this afternoon while the others worked in the garden. Have spent the evening doing my accounts!




Week 12 : 19th-25th March 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening in the world this week in 1967:-

  • March 20th – British Rail reopened the remaining section of line on the Isle of Wight, from Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin, after electrification and using former London Underground rolling stock.
  • March 21st – Born:  Adrian Chiles, British TV and radio sports commentator, in Quinton, Birmingham.
  • March 22nd – The Iron and Steel Act 1967 came into law in the United Kingdom, authorizing the nationalisation of private steel companies and creating the British Steel Corporation.
  • March 22nd – For the second time in three weeks, the U.S. Coast Guard seized a Soviet Union fishing trawler for violating American territorial waters. The 178-foot long vessel was sighted by coast guard aircraft south of the sparsely-populated Shumagin Islands of Alaska, and was taken under tow by the Coast Guard cutter USCGC Storis.
  • March 23rd – NASA halted further training for three scheduled U.S. manned space missions and disbanded their three-member crews, pending an overhaul of the Apollo program in light of the January 27 fire that killed the astronauts of Apollo 1.
  • March 25th – The beaches of Cornwall received their first oil from the spill from the Torrey Canyon, coming ashore on the peninsula known as “The Lizard”, the southernmost portion of Great Britain.
  • March 25th – Martin Luther King, Jr., declared in a speech in Chicago that, “we must combine the fervor of the civil rights movement with the peace movement”, and expanded his outreach to an audience to all persons living in poverty beyond African-Americans.

And here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s universe:-

Sunday 19th March 1967
It was very pleasant not having to get up and cook the breakfast. We had a lie in to make up for the late night and the ‘hour on’. Left Joan at 3pm home at 6pm very good trip.

Monday 20th March 1967
Ghastly day at the office. So much work and everything going wrong. I’m properly browned off with the place. Cyril late home this afternoon, he’s been to a lecture given by the Minister (probably Roy Mason, Minister for Defence in Harold Wilson’s Government). I mowed the back lawn and did a bit of general tidying up.

Tuesday 21st March 1967
Managed to get through quite a bit of outstanding work at the office. Still plenty to do. Have been baking this evening – cakes to take with us and one to leave behind us – to come back to!

Wednesday 22nd March 1967
Last day of term.
Cyril in town all day.
Poor Cyril didn’t get home until 9pm and now he’s having to set down and do homework. I’ve done one lot of washing and ironing this evening and iced the cake to take to Rob’s. Gillian coughing a bit tonight.

Thursday 23rd March 1967
Am feeling really tired tonight – have done such a lot today – 5¾ hours at Mays – my washing and ironing- trip to Esher shopping, hoovering and cleaning up! Cyril is whacked too – he did the garden this afternoon and is office working this evening.

Good Friday, 24th March 1967
To Maggie’s.
We had a very good trip – did the 127 miles in three hours. Very good trip – no traffic problems at all. We went out picking primroses during the afternoon.

Saturday 25th March 1967
Having a very good weekend. Children loving it. Plenty of fresh air and farm life – we see very little of them they are out early in the morning until  lunch time. Dad came at 10:30 then he, Cyril and I went to Tewkesbury. Crowded everywhere – queues in all the shops. Played cards all evening. Cyril and I took Pa back about eleven so it was a late night.




Week 11: 12th-18th March 1967


Here’s what’s happening around the world this week in 1967:-

  • March 12th – After the second round of voting for French National Assembly, President Charles de Gaulle’s Union des Démocrates pour la République (UDR) Party emerged with 244 seats, one more than the 243 needed for a majority.
  • March 14th – Nine executives of the West German pharmaceutical company Chemie Gruenenthal were indicted on criminal charges in Aachen for breaking German drug laws on Thalidomide.
  • March 16th – The first of two unexplained incidents happened at Malmstrom Base, where the U.S. Air Force had ICBM silos. According to accounts, crews in the areas had seen unidentified objects hovering near or over the silos and the missile launch facilities had become inoperable. Eight days later, another set of missiles went offline after a UFO was seen.
  • March 17th – The “Declaration on the Croatian Language” was issued by a group of prominent intellectuals in Yugoslavia and marked the beginning of the movement referred to as the “Croatian Spring”, a political quest for an autonomous Croatian state within the Yugoslavian federation.
  • March 18th – The supertanker Torrey Canyon ran aground on the Seven Stones reef between the Cornish mainland and the Isles of Scilly. The tanker was reportedly trying to trying to avoid a collision with fishing vessels.  Initially, six of the 18 tanks on the Torrey Canyon were split open, releasing 30,000 tonnes of oil. Ultimately, the vessel would release 32 million gallons of oil, much of which washed up on the Cornish coast.
  • March 18th – The first demonstration of slow motion replay on television was shown on ABC Wide World of Sports during the finals of the “World Series of Skiing” at Vail, Colorado. Repetition of the same scene at the same original speed had been possible as early as December 1963, but the new Ampex HS-100 video disc recorder made it possible to slow down, freeze, or reverse the action.

And this is what Peggy and the family are up to:-

Sunday 12th March 1967
While the children were at Sunday School, Cyril, Leonard, Mary and I went to look at the new houses at Mill Hedge. Very nice too – wish we had £12,000 doing nothing!!  Raining this evening.

Monday 13th March 1967
Driving lesson.
Well, I’ve had my last lesson, thank goodness. It wasn’t quite as bad as Friday’s. Lots of work piling up at the office. Much more than I can cope with I fear!

Tuesday 14th March 1967
Driving test 2:45
Woe is me. I failed it. Not disgracefully, but I did. Wasn’t as panic stricken as I thought I would be though I was pretty nervous. Shall try again. Made 3 dozen hot cross buns for Young Wives.

Wednesday 15th March 1967
So much work it’s not funny! It isn’t so easy to bring home now I’m on my new system. Think I’ll have to forego badminton tomorrow and work instead.

Thursday 16th March 1967
Had to give up my badminton today and go back to work. To PTA meeting tonight – a talk given by Mr Lee, Headmaster of Cobham School. Very well attended. We had our work cut out making tea.

Friday 17th March 1967
Tim’s 21st birthday
Had my hair done this lunch time – and it’s rained ever since! Got wet coming home. Rang Tim to wish him Happy Birthday.

Saturday 18th March 1967
Tim’s party.
We left here at 09:20 – had an appalling journey – the M4 was closed, at least part of it, so we were all diverted through Slough. In 2 hours we travelled 34 miles. Eventually arrived at Sedgeberrow about 2pm. Very nice party with super eats! Children enjoyed staying at the hotel which was quite comfortable (especially at 25/6 per night).

Thanks to Eileen for the party photographs.

Mick, Margaret, Ted (just visible) and Peggy

Peggy in the middle of it all.

Joan, Tim, Eileen, Fred and Andrew

Week 10 : 5th March – 11th March 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • March 6th – The United Kingdom’s first natural gas from drilling operations in the North Sea was pumped ashore from the West Sole operation 70 miles off Easington, Yorkshire.
  • March 7th – CBS aired the first television news documentary in U.S. history to report on gay and lesbian issues. Hosted by Mike Wallace, and viewed by 40 million people, ‘The Homosexuals’ reflected the bias of the American Psychological Association, labeling homosexuality a, “mental illness” but also showed gays and lesbians as individuals whose civil rights were deprived.
  • March 7th – A former official of Cuba’s Ministry of Industry testified before a U.S. Senate subcommittee that the Soviet Union had resumed placement of intermediate range ballistic missiles in Cuba.
  • March 9th – A TWA DC-9 jet flying from Pittsburgh to Dayton, Ohio collided in mid-air with a small Beechcraft Baron executive plane over Concord Township, five miles from Urbana, Ohio. All 25 people on the DC-9 were killed, along with the Beechcrafts sole occupant. The accident would lead the Federal Aviation Administration to place speed restrictions on aircraft flying below 10,000 feet and would contribute to its decision to create terminal control areas (TCAs).
  • March 9th – Joseph Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, defected to the United States via the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, which then flew her to Rome and helped her find refuge in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • March 10th – The world’s largest jetliner, the Soviet Union’s Ilyushin Il-62, with seats for up to 200 passengers, inaugurated regular service with an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Khabarovsk.
  • March 11th – The first list of endangered species was issued by Stewart Udall, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior with a total of 78 animals in the U.S. that were threatened with extinction. The list contained 14 mammals, 36 birds, three reptiles, three amphibians, and 22 fishes.

And this is what the family were up to in Oxshott:-

Sunday 5th March 1967
Mothering Sunday
Children presented me with a pot plant and nylons.
A lovely day – we didn’t get up as early as we had intended! So the morning went by very quickly. I went to Weybridge with the Turners – Di drove over the test course for my benefit! We went to church this afternoon. Cyril mowed the lawn.

Monday 6th March 1967
Beautiful Spring-like day – Pity to have to go to work! I have a great deal to do though and the money will be very useful this month (two trips to Worcestershire planned!). Keep thinking about my test!!

Tuesday 7th March 1967
Driving lesson
Had my 1½ hour at Weybridge. Time is drawing nearer. I wish I didn’t feel so nervous! PTA meeting tonight not terribly inspiring. I took Philip to Doctor Little this morning because of his ITCHY SPOTS. He’s given him a bottle of the red stuff he had as a baby. It seems to be making him a bit tearful.

Wednesday 8th March 1967
Worked all day and all evening until my eyes and head ached. Cyril very tired and he went to bed early. Philip has gone into cotton sheets – see if that will stop his ‘itches’.

Thursday 9th March 1967
Cyril’s birthday
Have been studying the Highway Code. Philip wasn’t so ‘itchy’ this morning and seems to be in good form. Cyril was pleased with the small gifts we gave him. He set off for Cardiff by road about 8:30 – rang tonight. Said he was there by 12:30. Played badminton for an hour.

Friday 10th March 1967
Driving lesson
Without any exaggeration, today was the worst ever driving lesson. I was just like a first time out-er!! Let’s hope I’ve had my attack of test NERVES!!! It’s been a ghastly day altogether – Cyril home at 5:30. Had finished the washing!!!

Saturday 11th March 1967
Cyril went up to Mays and put up the shelves for me when we had finished the shopping. I’ve worked this afternoon and shall find the shelves very useful. Played Canasta this evening. Children very pleased – I took them up to ‘Golliwog’ this morning. Gillian bought a magnetic mouse and Phil bought some wax crayons.