Week 12 : 19th-25th March 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening in the world this week in 1967:-

  • March 20th – British Rail reopened the remaining section of line on the Isle of Wight, from Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin, after electrification and using former London Underground rolling stock.
  • March 21st – Born:  Adrian Chiles, British TV and radio sports commentator, in Quinton, Birmingham.
  • March 22nd – The Iron and Steel Act 1967 came into law in the United Kingdom, authorizing the nationalisation of private steel companies and creating the British Steel Corporation.
  • March 22nd – For the second time in three weeks, the U.S. Coast Guard seized a Soviet Union fishing trawler for violating American territorial waters. The 178-foot long vessel was sighted by coast guard aircraft south of the sparsely-populated Shumagin Islands of Alaska, and was taken under tow by the Coast Guard cutter USCGC Storis.
  • March 23rd – NASA halted further training for three scheduled U.S. manned space missions and disbanded their three-member crews, pending an overhaul of the Apollo program in light of the January 27 fire that killed the astronauts of Apollo 1.
  • March 25th – The beaches of Cornwall received their first oil from the spill from the Torrey Canyon, coming ashore on the peninsula known as “The Lizard”, the southernmost portion of Great Britain.
  • March 25th – Martin Luther King, Jr., declared in a speech in Chicago that, “we must combine the fervor of the civil rights movement with the peace movement”, and expanded his outreach to an audience to all persons living in poverty beyond African-Americans.

And here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s universe:-

Sunday 19th March 1967
It was very pleasant not having to get up and cook the breakfast. We had a lie in to make up for the late night and the ‘hour on’. Left Joan at 3pm home at 6pm very good trip.

Monday 20th March 1967
Ghastly day at the office. So much work and everything going wrong. I’m properly browned off with the place. Cyril late home this afternoon, he’s been to a lecture given by the Minister (probably Roy Mason, Minister for Defence in Harold Wilson’s Government). I mowed the back lawn and did a bit of general tidying up.

Tuesday 21st March 1967
Managed to get through quite a bit of outstanding work at the office. Still plenty to do. Have been baking this evening – cakes to take with us and one to leave behind us – to come back to!

Wednesday 22nd March 1967
Last day of term.
Cyril in town all day.
Poor Cyril didn’t get home until 9pm and now he’s having to set down and do homework. I’ve done one lot of washing and ironing this evening and iced the cake to take to Rob’s. Gillian coughing a bit tonight.

Thursday 23rd March 1967
Am feeling really tired tonight – have done such a lot today – 5¾ hours at Mays – my washing and ironing- trip to Esher shopping, hoovering and cleaning up! Cyril is whacked too – he did the garden this afternoon and is office working this evening.

Good Friday, 24th March 1967
To Maggie’s.
We had a very good trip – did the 127 miles in three hours. Very good trip – no traffic problems at all. We went out picking primroses during the afternoon.

Saturday 25th March 1967
Having a very good weekend. Children loving it. Plenty of fresh air and farm life – we see very little of them they are out early in the morning until  lunch time. Dad came at 10:30 then he, Cyril and I went to Tewkesbury. Crowded everywhere – queues in all the shops. Played cards all evening. Cyril and I took Pa back about eleven so it was a late night.





2 thoughts on “Week 12 : 19th-25th March 1967

    • Thanks Matt. Glad you’re enjoying it. The thing that struck me about his week was how quickly we did long journeys back in 67. 127 miles in three hours (from near Malvern, so M4 etc.). I guess there was much less traffic and fewer opportunities to stop at an M&S every 20 minutes!


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