Week 18 : 30th April-6th May 1967

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Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1967:-

  • 30th April 1967 – The British cabinet voted, 13 to 8, to seek the admission of the United Kingdom into the European Economic Community, referred to at the time as the “Common Market”. Prime Minister Harold Wilson would announce his plans on May 2 and the House of Commons would approve the resolution, 488 to 62.
  • 1st May 1967 – Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu were married in a brief civil ceremony at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • 1st May 1967 – Klavdia Andreyevna Kosygin, 58, wife of Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin, collapsed and died while she, her husband, and other Soviet leaders were reviewing the annual May Day parade in Moscow. Mrs. Kosygin had been seriously ill and undergoing cancer treatment for nearly six months.
  • 2nd May 1967 – A group of 40 members of the Black Panthers, armed with shotguns, rifles and pistols, forced their way into a session of the California House of Representatives at the state capitol building in Sacramento as a protest against gun control. The Assembly was debating a bill that would forbid the carrying of a loaded firearm in any public. No violence took place, other than scuffling between some of the Panthers and the state police who responded to the incident. Sacramento city police also stopped five cars that were bringing another 26 armed men join the 40 inside the capitol, and confiscated 15 weapons. The police declined to make arrests because there was no violation of the law, and the weapons were returned to the group.
  • 4th May 1967 – Lunar Orbiter 4 was launched by the United States from Cape Kennedy at 6:25 p.m. and would become, on May 4, the first probe to enter into a polar orbit around the Moon. In addition to getting the first pictures of the lunar south pole, the probe was also able to photograph 99% of the near side of the Moon.
  • 6th May 1967 – In a game marked by fan violence, Manchester United clinched the 1966–67 Football League title with a 6-1 win over West Ham United at Upton Park. At least 20 people were hospitalised during and after the match.

And here’s what’s going on in Oxshott:-

Sunday 30th April 1967
Cyril finished painting the doors and I must say the colour scheme is very effective. We all went out for ½ hour after lunch – me driving the Anglia.

Monday 1st May 1967
Very cold today – snowing slightly. Joan rang. I’ve been trying to balance the deposit account without success.

Tuesday 2nd May 1967
Worked hard today – and cycle training after lunch. Cyril not feeling so well – he went to bed early. I worked this evening.

Wednesday 3rd May 1967
Philip had to come with me on my driving lesson. I didn’t do very well – bit depressing! Bill Parker did the brakes on the Corsair this evening.

Thursday 4th May 1967
School day off.
Church service 9:15am.
Went into Phyl & Stan’s and saw Bill Parker’s holiday slides. Worked until 11:15am – home to cook lunch and then a quick trip back to the hairdresser for Gill’s haircut. Poured all day long. Reconciled the bank statement during the afternoon.

Friday 5th May 1967
Still raining. Cyril not feeling too good. I’ve worked all day – hard too and have done some washing this evening. Cyril late home as he’s been to London Airport.

Saturday 6th May 1967
Gillian was slightly sick in the early hours. No fuss though and she doesn’t look too bad. Cyril went to Esher alone. I did my household chores and then went to the office for 2½ hours this afternoon. Cyril to bed early – he’s done a bit more painting and is poorly again.


Week 17 : 23rd-29th April 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what was happening around the world this week in 1967:-

  • 23rd April 1967 – James Earl Ray, serving a 20-year sentence for armed robbery, escaped from the Missouri State Penitentiary. He would later reveal that other inmates helped conceal him inside a four-foot by four-foot container that was used to deliver loaves of bread to prisons. Forty-nine weeks later, on April 4, 1968, Ray would assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis. He was finally recaptured on June 10 at London’s Heathrow Airport.
  • 23rd April 1967 – The Soviet Union announced the launch of Colonel Vladimir Komarov on “a powerful new carrier rocket”. The Soyuz 1 was launched into orbit from Baikonur on what was to be a 72-hour mission. A separate announcement, from the news agency Tass suggested that a second spacecraft would link to Soyuz 1, and that the cosmonauts would trade places.
  • 25th April 1967 – John A. Love, the Republican Governor of Colorado, signed a bill giving Colorado the nation’s most liberal abortion law. Under the law’s terms, an abortion could be carried out if a three member board in an accredited hospital agreed that a pregnancy met one of four specified conditions (death or serious impairment to the mother, child likely to be born with a “grave and permanent physical deformity or mental retardation”, a pregnancy of less than 16 weeks arising from forcible rape or incest, or a girl under the age of 16 made pregnant by rape or incest). Previously, Colorado and other states in the U.S. allowed abortion of a pregnancy only in cases of “a severe threat to the physical health of the mother” or “pregnancies resulting from forcible rape”. On May 17, the state director of health and hospitals announced that a 12-year old rape victim would be given the first legalized abortion in the United States.
  • 27th April 1967 – Sandie Shaw’s Puppet On a String, which a few weeks previously had won the Eurovision Song Contest, replaced Somethin’ Stupid at No. 1 in the UK.
  • 28th April 1967 – Muhammad Ali refused to take the oath of induction into the United States Army after reporting to an induction center in Houston, Texas. Ali stood in line with 11 other inductees but refused to step forward when his name was called. Ali said he understood the penalties of draft evasion and that his refusal was based on his religious beliefs. Ali was stripped of his boxing title and would not be allowed to fight for the title again until 1970. On June 20, he would be convicted of draft evasion, fined $10,000 and sentenced to five years in prison, but the conviction would be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 28, 1967.

But here’s what’s going on in Oxshott:-

Sunday 23rd April 1967
Philip is coughing now.
Have had a not too hectic day. Cyril and I went off to buy petrol and paraffin while the children were at Sunday School. Have washed and ironed a few things, nothing much else.

Monday 24th April 1967
Cyril home this week.
Cyril has made a good start on the terrible job of decorating the landing and staircase. I’ve worked morning, afternoon and evening!!

Tuesday 25th April 1967
Philip has a nasty cough so have kept him in bed. Called at Dr. Little’s this morning and have some Mycin for him and more pills for myself. Have lost 5lbs in two weeks. Still need to lose more.

Wednesday 26th April 1967
My assistant starts today and she got cracking on the Income Tax return. I’ve worked all day and wouldn’t like it every day! Cyril has finished the ceiling and walls it’s looking very nice.

Thursday 27th April 1967
Cyril still busy and Philip still at home – but I think he will be OK now – he’s been out in the garden. I played badminton this afternoon and quite enjoyed it.

Friday 28th April 1967
Worked all through lunch time. Have done 128 hours this month. Lovely weather. Phil back at school. Cyril has been in Brighton all day. I’ve washed, ironed, defrosted fridge, mowed lawn and I feel whacked!

Saturday 29th April 1967
Shopping in Esher this morning – an early SALMON lunch and then – of all things, to Kingston. Bought slippers all round, sandals for kids, shirts for Cyril and a lovely, rich – expensive, carpet runner for the landing. Played Canasta.

Week 16 : 16th-22nd April 1967

Diary Shelf

Headlines around the world this week:

  • 17th April 1967 – The United States launched the Surveyor 3 lunar probe at 2:05 in the morning in the third American attempt to make a soft landing on the moon.
  • 18th April 1967 – Through the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, Pope Paul VI clarified that his March 28 encyclical Populorum progressio should not be misinterpreted as a change in the Roman Catholic Church’s position against artificial birth control.
  • 19th April 1967 – The American Surveyor 3 probe landed on the Moon at 7:04 p.m. Florida time. Using a robotic scoop, the probe dug four different trenches and sent data back to Earth, revealing that the Moon soil was, “like coarse damp beach sand, being cohesive and clumpy.” On May 3, the Surveyor probe would power down as it entered a two-week long “night cycle”. After the cycle’s end however, NASA engineers would try in vain to locate Surveyor’s transmitter frequency to reactivate the craft, which had, “apparently frozen to death”.
  • 19th April 1967 – Kathy Switzer became the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon as a registrant, after listing herself simply as “K. V. Switzer” and being assigned the number 261. Four miles into the event, race official Jock Semple tried to pull Switzer out of the crowd of runners, and was shoved to the curb by Switzer’s boyfriend, Thomas Miller.
  • 21st April 1967 – Greece was taken over by a military dictatorship led by Colonel George Papadopoulos, Colonel Nikolaos Makarezos, and Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos with no opposition from King Constantine II or Prime Minister Panagiotis Kanellopoulos. The dictatorship would finally end in 1974.
  • 22nd April 1967 – American inspectors were allowed to make an inspection of Israel’s Negev Nuclear Research Centre and concluded that although Israel was not developing atomic weapons, the Jewish state, “was aiming to reach a point where it could have a nuclear option at a moment’s notice”. Seven weeks later the Israelis would assemble two nuclear bombs in preparation for war.

And here’s what’s happening in Oxshott:

Sunday 16th April 1967
A beautiful sunny day. Hot enough to sit out in the sun this afternoon. Cyril and I went out in the Anglia for half an hour. He said I had greatly improved!!!

Monday 17th April 1967
Driving Test 4:15pm.
Failed again. Feel very browned off. Went to the office for an hour after tea to work hard and make me forget my failure!

Tuesday 18th April 1967
Am getting through a lot more work in Mr Murray’s absence. Signing his cheques like mad! Cyril training today –  then back to office. Went out in the Anglia for ½ hour with Cyril. Not very encouraging. Worked again this evening. Joan rang.

Wednesday 19th April 1967
To Gamages.
I caught the 9:55am, after an hour at the office and made my purchases in Gamages in record time. As well as a suitcase, I bought a very nice Crimplene suit for myself. Very hot and tiring in town. I caught the 1:22pm home and went straight to work. Also worked at home.

Thursday 20th April 1967
My pile of work at the office is increasing! I gave up badminton again this week and went back. Have loads to do at home too. Washed when we got in from school.

Friday 21st April 1967
Have had a busy day – interviewing applicants for the job as my assistant! I think we have found one who will be able to start after next week. Busy at home too. It’s been trying to snow today.

Saturday 22nd April 1967
Doris & Will for the day.
Cyril went over for Doris and Will. We’ve had a very nice day – weather good and even a couple of squirrels came down for Doris’s benefit. Gillian went to Fiona’s party. We had a run around afterwards. I’ve done a bit of homework. Joan rang and I also had a word with Rob and Maggie. Cyril took Doris and Will home at 7pm and was back before ten.

Week 15 : 9th April – 15th April 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:

  • 9th April 1967 – The Boeing 737 made its first flight. Test pilots Brien Wygle and Lew Wallick Jr. flew the plane, following takeoff from Boeing Field in Seattle, over the Pacific Northwest for two and a half hours then landed at the nearby Paine Field.
  • 10th April 1967 – Academy Awards went to A Man for All Seasons for Best Picture, Best Director (Fred Zinneman), and Best Actor (Paul Scofield). Elizabeth Taylor won the Best Actress award for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • 10th April 1967 – Oral arguments began in the landmark Supreme Court of the United States case Loving v. Virginia, challenging the Commonwealth of Virginia’s statutory scheme to prevent marriages between persons solely on the basis of racial classifications.
  • 11th April 1967 – Oil from the sunken American supertanker Torrey Canyon washed ashore on the beaches of France for the first time, along a 30-mile stretch of the Brittany coast.
  • 13th April 1967 – Gary L. Scott, a science teacher at the high school in Jacksboro, Tennessee, lost his job for violating a law prohibiting the teaching of evolution.
  • 13th April 1967 – Somethin’ Stupid by Frank & Nancy Sinatra replaced Englebert Humperdinck’s Release Me as UK No. 1 single.
  • 15th April 1967 – Scotland defeated England 3-2 at Wembley Stadium, with goals from Law, Lennox and McCalligog, in the British Championships. The defeat marked England’s first loss since they won the World Cup, and ended a 19-game unbeaten streak.
  • But here’s what Peggy and the family are doing:

Sunday 9th April 1967
Joan rang this morning to say Pa had arrived home safely and that she had been there to meet him. I went to 11am Service – have done office work ever since. Gill to Michele’s party.

Monday 10th April 1967
Driving Lesson
Had my lesson – driving not up to standard so said Mr Green. Took Gill to Dr Little. He’s given her an anti-biotic and given me some pills to get my BP down and to slim me!!

Tuesday 11th April 1967
Term begins
Had a horrible driving lesson with the MOT examiner in the back. For some reason I was very nervous. Feel like cancelling my test. Am starting my yellow pills tomorrow – my white ones today. Not feeling really A1.

Wednesday 12th April 1967
Thank goodness my lesson was better today and I quite enjoyed it. The children came home by themselves and were quite unconcerned that I wasn’t here to greet them.

Thursday 13th April 1967
Cyril Cardiff
My passport came today.
Worked all day, through lunch till 4:15pm. The children came up from school and picked me up. Since coming home I’ve done some washing and dusted the dining room, kitchen, hall and toilet!! Phyl has been in. It’s 11:30pm now and am I tired! Cyril and Joan rang.

Friday 14th April 1967
Worked through lunch hour again today. But at least I have been clearing up some of my work. Cyril surprised us by being at school for 3:30pm Have done some washing.

Saturday 15th April 1967
I felt like going out to lunch but didn’t know where! So we didn’t. We went and shopped in Esher, Cyril made me a cup of coffee when we got in as a consolation prize!! Have washed both cars this afternoon while the others were pottering about in the garden. Playing Canasta tonight.




Week 14 : 2nd April – 8th April 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:

  • 3rd April 1967 – The island kingdom of Tonga adopted a decimal system of currency, in advance of its full independence from the United Kingdom, replacing the Tongan pound, whose value had been tied to the Australian pound (and, for its final year, worth two Australian dollars).
  • 3rd April 1967 – Born: Andy Parsons, English comedian and writer, in Weymouth, Dorset.
  • 4th April 1967 – By a vote estimated to be 139 to 11 in favor, the parliament of Spain amended the nation’s criminal code to provide for terms of up to six years in prison for journalists who were convicted of repeatedly criticizing the government, and up to six months for publishing any news deemed to be, “false reports or information” Journalists could also be incarcerated if they showed a lack of, “due respect for institutions and persons when criticizing political administrative action”.
  • 5th April 1967 – Police in West Berlin arrested 11 students, on accusations they planned to assassinate U.S. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey during his April visit. The group, dedicated to humorous protests, would be released 34 hours later, after Humphrey’s departure and after a search of their apartments showed that their attack on the Humphrey motorcade would consist of wheat flour, soluble paint, pies and the Vice President’s favourite pudding.
  • 7th April 1967 – Israeli jet fighters shot down seven Syrian MiG-21s. Earlier in the day, Syrian troops fired from the Golan Heights at a tractor being driven by a farmer from the kibbutz of Gadot, and then began firing mortar shells in and around the community. At 1:30 in the afternoon, Israel’s Mirage fighters began bombing and strafing the Golan Heights, and at 1:45, the Syrian Air Force scrambled its MiG-21s, which were all shot down in the battle.
  • 8th April 1967 – Puppet on a String by Sandie Shaw (music and lyrics by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter) won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom. The song didn’t reach No. 1 in the UK till the 27th April.

But here’s what Peggy and the family are doing:

Sunday 2nd April 1967
Wet and miserable day. Still it will do the garden good. Shampoo and baths all round this afternoon! Didn’t go out anywhere – Gillian in bed all day – coughing well.

Monday 3rd April 1967
Managed to do the washing before going to work. Pa has been gardening this afternoon. Gillian up this afternoon, but she hasn’t shaken off the cough yet. Joan rang. Worked at home this evening.

Tuesday 4th April 1967
Went to the Induction Service and it was well worth turning out at 7pm for. Got a seat in church. The Bishop is a charming man. The Mothers Union did an excellent job providing refreshments. Home at 10pm.

Wednesday 5th April 1967
Museum trip.
A lovely day – and our trip was a great success. We left sharp at 10:30 – a brand new coach – and we were picked up at 3:30pm Home at 4:30pm. Father thoroughly enjoyed it. Worked all evening.

Thursday 6th April 1967
It was a good thing I worked  at home last night because my goodness it’s piling up. I don’t know when I’m going to see the light I’m sure. Very cold and miserable day.

Friday 7th April 1967
Driving lesson.
Did quite well on my driving lesson. Very hard work at the office and I’ve had to leave a pile of work. My head has been aching a great deal. Ted rang this evening and said he will meet Pa tomorrow.

Saturday 8th April 1967
We went to the village before nine so I was then able to do a load of washing. We left Gill with the Wellmans when we took Dad as she was going to Teri’s party. We saw Pa off on the 3:50pm. Had Philip’s hair cut then home – to pick up my office work, have tea and pick Gill up. I was all set to start on my mountain of work when Mary and Leonard came in!