Week 14 : 2nd April – 8th April 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:

  • 3rd April 1967 – The island kingdom of Tonga adopted a decimal system of currency, in advance of its full independence from the United Kingdom, replacing the Tongan pound, whose value had been tied to the Australian pound (and, for its final year, worth two Australian dollars).
  • 3rd April 1967 – Born: Andy Parsons, English comedian and writer, in Weymouth, Dorset.
  • 4th April 1967 – By a vote estimated to be 139 to 11 in favor, the parliament of Spain amended the nation’s criminal code to provide for terms of up to six years in prison for journalists who were convicted of repeatedly criticizing the government, and up to six months for publishing any news deemed to be, “false reports or information” Journalists could also be incarcerated if they showed a lack of, “due respect for institutions and persons when criticizing political administrative action”.
  • 5th April 1967 – Police in West Berlin arrested 11 students, on accusations they planned to assassinate U.S. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey during his April visit. The group, dedicated to humorous protests, would be released 34 hours later, after Humphrey’s departure and after a search of their apartments showed that their attack on the Humphrey motorcade would consist of wheat flour, soluble paint, pies and the Vice President’s favourite pudding.
  • 7th April 1967 – Israeli jet fighters shot down seven Syrian MiG-21s. Earlier in the day, Syrian troops fired from the Golan Heights at a tractor being driven by a farmer from the kibbutz of Gadot, and then began firing mortar shells in and around the community. At 1:30 in the afternoon, Israel’s Mirage fighters began bombing and strafing the Golan Heights, and at 1:45, the Syrian Air Force scrambled its MiG-21s, which were all shot down in the battle.
  • 8th April 1967 – Puppet on a String by Sandie Shaw (music and lyrics by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter) won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom. The song didn’t reach No. 1 in the UK till the 27th April.

But here’s what Peggy and the family are doing:

Sunday 2nd April 1967
Wet and miserable day. Still it will do the garden good. Shampoo and baths all round this afternoon! Didn’t go out anywhere – Gillian in bed all day – coughing well.

Monday 3rd April 1967
Managed to do the washing before going to work. Pa has been gardening this afternoon. Gillian up this afternoon, but she hasn’t shaken off the cough yet. Joan rang. Worked at home this evening.

Tuesday 4th April 1967
Went to the Induction Service and it was well worth turning out at 7pm for. Got a seat in church. The Bishop is a charming man. The Mothers Union did an excellent job providing refreshments. Home at 10pm.

Wednesday 5th April 1967
Museum trip.
A lovely day – and our trip was a great success. We left sharp at 10:30 – a brand new coach – and we were picked up at 3:30pm Home at 4:30pm. Father thoroughly enjoyed it. Worked all evening.

Thursday 6th April 1967
It was a good thing I worked  at home last night because my goodness it’s piling up. I don’t know when I’m going to see the light I’m sure. Very cold and miserable day.

Friday 7th April 1967
Driving lesson.
Did quite well on my driving lesson. Very hard work at the office and I’ve had to leave a pile of work. My head has been aching a great deal. Ted rang this evening and said he will meet Pa tomorrow.

Saturday 8th April 1967
We went to the village before nine so I was then able to do a load of washing. We left Gill with the Wellmans when we took Dad as she was going to Teri’s party. We saw Pa off on the 3:50pm. Had Philip’s hair cut then home – to pick up my office work, have tea and pick Gill up. I was all set to start on my mountain of work when Mary and Leonard came in!





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