Week 15 : 9th April – 15th April 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:

  • 9th April 1967 – The Boeing 737 made its first flight. Test pilots Brien Wygle and Lew Wallick Jr. flew the plane, following takeoff from Boeing Field in Seattle, over the Pacific Northwest for two and a half hours then landed at the nearby Paine Field.
  • 10th April 1967 – Academy Awards went to A Man for All Seasons for Best Picture, Best Director (Fred Zinneman), and Best Actor (Paul Scofield). Elizabeth Taylor won the Best Actress award for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • 10th April 1967 – Oral arguments began in the landmark Supreme Court of the United States case Loving v. Virginia, challenging the Commonwealth of Virginia’s statutory scheme to prevent marriages between persons solely on the basis of racial classifications.
  • 11th April 1967 – Oil from the sunken American supertanker Torrey Canyon washed ashore on the beaches of France for the first time, along a 30-mile stretch of the Brittany coast.
  • 13th April 1967 – Gary L. Scott, a science teacher at the high school in Jacksboro, Tennessee, lost his job for violating a law prohibiting the teaching of evolution.
  • 13th April 1967 – Somethin’ Stupid by Frank & Nancy Sinatra replaced Englebert Humperdinck’s Release Me as UK No. 1 single.
  • 15th April 1967 – Scotland defeated England 3-2 at Wembley Stadium, with goals from Law, Lennox and McCalligog, in the British Championships. The defeat marked England’s first loss since they won the World Cup, and ended a 19-game unbeaten streak.
  • But here’s what Peggy and the family are doing:

Sunday 9th April 1967
Joan rang this morning to say Pa had arrived home safely and that she had been there to meet him. I went to 11am Service – have done office work ever since. Gill to Michele’s party.

Monday 10th April 1967
Driving Lesson
Had my lesson – driving not up to standard so said Mr Green. Took Gill to Dr Little. He’s given her an anti-biotic and given me some pills to get my BP down and to slim me!!

Tuesday 11th April 1967
Term begins
Had a horrible driving lesson with the MOT examiner in the back. For some reason I was very nervous. Feel like cancelling my test. Am starting my yellow pills tomorrow – my white ones today. Not feeling really A1.

Wednesday 12th April 1967
Thank goodness my lesson was better today and I quite enjoyed it. The children came home by themselves and were quite unconcerned that I wasn’t here to greet them.

Thursday 13th April 1967
Cyril Cardiff
My passport came today.
Worked all day, through lunch till 4:15pm. The children came up from school and picked me up. Since coming home I’ve done some washing and dusted the dining room, kitchen, hall and toilet!! Phyl has been in. It’s 11:30pm now and am I tired! Cyril and Joan rang.

Friday 14th April 1967
Worked through lunch hour again today. But at least I have been clearing up some of my work. Cyril surprised us by being at school for 3:30pm Have done some washing.

Saturday 15th April 1967
I felt like going out to lunch but didn’t know where! So we didn’t. We went and shopped in Esher, Cyril made me a cup of coffee when we got in as a consolation prize!! Have washed both cars this afternoon while the others were pottering about in the garden. Playing Canasta tonight.




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