Week 16 : 16th-22nd April 1967

Diary Shelf

Headlines around the world this week:

  • 17th April 1967 – The United States launched the Surveyor 3 lunar probe at 2:05 in the morning in the third American attempt to make a soft landing on the moon.
  • 18th April 1967 – Through the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, Pope Paul VI clarified that his March 28 encyclical Populorum progressio should not be misinterpreted as a change in the Roman Catholic Church’s position against artificial birth control.
  • 19th April 1967 – The American Surveyor 3 probe landed on the Moon at 7:04 p.m. Florida time. Using a robotic scoop, the probe dug four different trenches and sent data back to Earth, revealing that the Moon soil was, “like coarse damp beach sand, being cohesive and clumpy.” On May 3, the Surveyor probe would power down as it entered a two-week long “night cycle”. After the cycle’s end however, NASA engineers would try in vain to locate Surveyor’s transmitter frequency to reactivate the craft, which had, “apparently frozen to death”.
  • 19th April 1967 – Kathy Switzer became the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon as a registrant, after listing herself simply as “K. V. Switzer” and being assigned the number 261. Four miles into the event, race official Jock Semple tried to pull Switzer out of the crowd of runners, and was shoved to the curb by Switzer’s boyfriend, Thomas Miller.
  • 21st April 1967 – Greece was taken over by a military dictatorship led by Colonel George Papadopoulos, Colonel Nikolaos Makarezos, and Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos with no opposition from King Constantine II or Prime Minister Panagiotis Kanellopoulos. The dictatorship would finally end in 1974.
  • 22nd April 1967 – American inspectors were allowed to make an inspection of Israel’s Negev Nuclear Research Centre and concluded that although Israel was not developing atomic weapons, the Jewish state, “was aiming to reach a point where it could have a nuclear option at a moment’s notice”. Seven weeks later the Israelis would assemble two nuclear bombs in preparation for war.

And here’s what’s happening in Oxshott:

Sunday 16th April 1967
A beautiful sunny day. Hot enough to sit out in the sun this afternoon. Cyril and I went out in the Anglia for half an hour. He said I had greatly improved!!!

Monday 17th April 1967
Driving Test 4:15pm.
Failed again. Feel very browned off. Went to the office for an hour after tea to work hard and make me forget my failure!

Tuesday 18th April 1967
Am getting through a lot more work in Mr Murray’s absence. Signing his cheques like mad! Cyril training today –  then back to office. Went out in the Anglia for ½ hour with Cyril. Not very encouraging. Worked again this evening. Joan rang.

Wednesday 19th April 1967
To Gamages.
I caught the 9:55am, after an hour at the office and made my purchases in Gamages in record time. As well as a suitcase, I bought a very nice Crimplene suit for myself. Very hot and tiring in town. I caught the 1:22pm home and went straight to work. Also worked at home.

Thursday 20th April 1967
My pile of work at the office is increasing! I gave up badminton again this week and went back. Have loads to do at home too. Washed when we got in from school.

Friday 21st April 1967
Have had a busy day – interviewing applicants for the job as my assistant! I think we have found one who will be able to start after next week. Busy at home too. It’s been trying to snow today.

Saturday 22nd April 1967
Doris & Will for the day.
Cyril went over for Doris and Will. We’ve had a very nice day – weather good and even a couple of squirrels came down for Doris’s benefit. Gillian went to Fiona’s party. We had a run around afterwards. I’ve done a bit of homework. Joan rang and I also had a word with Rob and Maggie. Cyril took Doris and Will home at 7pm and was back before ten.


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