Week 20 : 14th-20th May 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening in the world this week in 1967:-

  • 14th May 1967 – On the pretext of responding to a threatened Israeli invasion of Syria, the UAR (United Arab Republic – an alliance between Egypt and Syria) sent two divisions of troops across the Suez Canal and into the Sinai peninsula.
  • 15th May 1967 – The day after the celebration of the 19th anniversary of the formation of the State of Israel, Israeli Defense Forces paraded through Jerusalem, in defiance of the 1949 Armistice Agreements.
  • 16th May 1967 – Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn took a stand against censorship by mailing, 250 copies of a letter to members of the Union of Soviet Writers and to editors of literary newspapers and magazines. Listing eight instances where he had been silenced by the government, he complained that his work had been “smothered, gagged, and slandered”. In order to avoid the risk of anyone other than himself being blamed for the letters, he addressed each of the envelopes in his own writing.
  • 17th May 1967 – Queen Elizabeth II announced that her 18-year-old son, Prince Charles, would be invested as Prince of Wales in the summer of 1969.
  • 18th May 1967 – The US state of Tennessee repealed its law that made the teaching of evolution a criminal offense. On May 16, the state senate had voted, 19-13, in favor of a bill that permitted school teachers to discuss Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in classrooms. The states of Arkansas and Mississippi would be the last to prohibit teaching evolution as the U.S. Supreme Court would strike down the laws as unconstitutional on November 12, 1968.
  • 18th May 1967 – ‘Silence is Golden’ by The Tremeloes replaced Sandie Shaw’s ‘Puppet On A String’ as UK No. 1.
  • 19th May 1967 – The 3,400 man UN Emergency Force departed from its observation posts along the 117-mile-longEgyptian/Israeli frontier in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, 12,000 troops of the Palestine liberation army took positions inside the Gaza Strip, and the first of more than 80,000 Egyptian troops and more than 800 tanks began crossing into the Sinai.


But here’s what’s going on in Oxshott:-

Sunday 14th May 1967
It’s poured with rain all day long! – haven’t felt much like work! Baked all afternoon. Philip in flood of tears tonight because I’m going away!

Monday 15th May 1967
Driving lesson went a bit better this evening – shan’t be having another until May 30th. Philip still seems a bit apprehensive about my going away. We all went out in the Anglia for 20 minutes.

Tuesday 16th May 1967
Cycle test.
Have worked hard today at the office – trying to get everything cleared up. I think all our pupils passed the cycling test, but I have a feeling it was a bit of a farce! Joan rang – she’s all set for Friday!

Wednesday 17th May 1967
Worked all day as Cyril wasn’t home to lunch – didn’t seem to get very far though! Came home and did some washing but then down came the rain and it’s poured all evening.

Thursday 18th May 1967
Hairdresser 4:15pm
Joan arriving.
Managed to get away from the office at 12:30! Turned out to be a lovely afternoon so I’ve done all the washing and ironing, cleaned the floors, had a hair do – bath and now waiting for Joan!

Friday 19th May 1967
To Holland
Left at 10:20am; boat 12 noon; off boat 6:45pm.
Joan and I left on the 7:58am train – leaving tearful children. I rang Cyril from Liverpool Street, he said they had gone to school quite happily. It was a two hour trip to Harwich and no coffee en route!

What a ghastly crossing – big waves – cups and glasses flying. I began to feel sick, but fortunately we were chatting with two fellows (!) about wartime and what have you and it passed the time. We didn’t arrive at Nijmegen until 9:30pm. Long day – it was 10:30 before we got to Lie’s house. It was very nice seeing them all again – we had much to talk about.

Saturday 20th May 1967
Went to Jonkerboss (war graves cemetery) and laid a wreath. Shopped in the afternoon and a meal at Erica (restaurant) in the evening.



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