Week 22 : 28th May-3rd June 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what was going on around the world this week in 1967:-

  • 28th May 1967 – 65-year old Sir Francis Chichester completed his round-the-world voyage sailing into Plymouth Harbour in his 54-foot yacht, Gipsy Moth IV. He was greeted with cheers from 250,000 spectators. Chichester had departed Plymouth on August 27 and stopped only in Sydney, Australia.
  • 30th May 1967 – King Hussein of Jordan made the fateful decision to sign a five-year mutual defense pact with Egypt, effectively placing Jordan’s regular army, Egypt’s command in the event of a war with Israel. Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban would say later that King Hussein’s decision was, “the final step that ensured the inevitability of war”, and that until then, Israel had planned to leave Jordan (including the West Bank and East Jerusalem) out of the conflict.
  • 1st June 1967 – The Beatles released their iconic album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It would be the number one best selling album in the United Kingdom for 27 weeks, and number one in the United States for 15 weeks.
  • 1st June 1967 – The McDonald’s fast-food chain went international with the opening of its first restaurant outside the United States, in Vancouver, Canada.
  • 2nd June 1967 – A race riot began in predominantly African-American Roxbury suburb of Boston, the first of many riots during the summer of 1967. When the rioting in Boston ended after three days, 70 people had been injured, 100 arrested, and millions of dollars of property damage had taken place. Violence in June would follow in Philadelphia, Tampa, and Cincinnati, Dayton, Lansing, Michigan, Atlanta, and Buffalo.
  • 3rd June 1967 – All 83 passengers and five crew on board an Air Ferry flight carrying British vacationers to a Mediterranean holiday crashed into the side of the Canigou mountain peak in the Pyrenees while circling the resort city of Perpignan preparing for landing.

But here’s what’s happening in Oxshott:-

Sunday 28th May 1967
Another stormy day. Cyril took me out for ½hr in the Anglia. The children and I spent ages clearing out the playroom and bedrooms. Landing carpet down and looking lovely. Children up late tonight – watching Francis Chichester come home.

Monday 29th May 1967
Bank Holiday.
Had a lie in this morning. Then I did some washing and had a trip to Kingston market with Mary. Bought towelling to make a beach cape. Pottered this afternoon – mowed the lawns.

Tuesday 30th May 1967
Children very good while I went to work – I came home at midday – Cyril was in town for lunch. Collected some work for the evening.

Wednesday 31st May 1967
Pay day.
Quite a nice day – children sat outside painting most of the morning. We took Gillian along to a party at 3:00pm. Had to stay in – waiting for the TV repair man.

Thursday 1st June 1967
Flaming June – but not quite! Haven’t collected my salary yet. Cyril in Cardiff, so we had a makeshift lunch then went off to Hampton Court and Bushey Park along with Phyl and Julian. Didn’t get home until 6:15. Very tired.

Friday 2nd June 1967
Worked 4 hours at the office and several hours in the home – washing, hoovering etc. etc! Collected my salary – biggest ever and have split it between deposit and current account. Cyril home from Cardiff at 5:00pm.

Saturday 3rd June 1967
Brownie fete.
Weather kept fine for the fete. Gillian and I were there from 2:20-6:15pm and was I weary! The ‘men’ left about four-ish. Have done my ironing since our return, but that’s about all. Have an aching elbow so am going to have a couple of disprin and go to bed – it’s 10:50pm – Cyril has beaten me to it!


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