Week 24 : 11th-17th June 1967

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1967:

  • 12th June 1967 – On the final day of its 1966-1967 term, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Loving v. Virginia, declaring unanimously that the criminal prohibition against interracial marriage, was unconstitutional. At that time, Virginia was one of 16 U.S. states that still outlawed miscegenation.
  • 12th June 1967 – Venera 4 was launched toward Venus by the Soviet Union. On October 18, it would become the first space probe to enter another planet’s atmosphere and successfully return data.
  • 14th June 1967 – Two days after the Soviet launch of Venera 4, the United States launched Mariner 5 toward Venus. Mariner 5 would reach Venus on October 19, one day after Venera 4 had arrived, and would pass within 4,094 kilometres of the planet during its closest approach.
  • 15th June 1967 – Libya’s Foreign Minister, Ahmad Bishti summoned the United States and United Kingdom ambassadors to demand the closure of their Libyan bases in retaliation for American and British support of Israel during the Six-Day War.
  • 16th June 1967  – The three day Monterey Pop Festival began in Monterey, California. One historian opined that it “ushered in the era of the major music festival”. The musicians who performed on the first evening were The Association, Lou Rawls, Johnny Rivers, Eric Burdon & The Animals and Simon & Garfunkel. The non-profit Festival attracted 50,000 paid admissions and a crowd of 125,000 unpaid spectators, and grossed more than half a million dollars.
  • 16th June 1967  – A Brazilian Air Force C-47 cargo plane, with 25 people on board, crashed in the Amazon jungle while carrying supplies to a besieged monitoring outpost. There were seven survivors, including an Air Force physician, Dr. Paulo Fernandes. Despite a broken leg, Dr. Fernandes located the remaining men and kept all but two of them alive for 11 days until they were located by an aerial search and rescued.
  • 17th June 1967  – The People’s Republic of China successfully exploded its first hydrogen bomb. Only three other nations; the United States, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, had successfully tested a fusion bomb. China’s achievement came less than three years after it had first exploded an atomic bomb.
  • 17th June 1967  – The new Israeli administrator of territories captured from Jordan began the process of making Palestinian Arabs leave their homes in the Old City of Jerusalem, either with eviction proceedings for renters, or payments to residents who owned property. All those made to leave were required to sign a document relinquishing their right of return. About 600 buildings in the quarter were expropriated and either torn down or renovated for use by Jewish residents.

And back in Oxshott, here’s what’s happening:

Sunday 11th June 1967
A busy day – Cyril has put all the plants out in the the front. We’ve cleaned both cars and I had ½ hour out in the Anglia. Barrie rang again.

Monday 12th June 1967
YW Comm meeting.
Gillian to tea with Debbie.
Lovely day. I’m so glad Rob and Maggie have picked such a sunny spell for their holiday at Polzeath. Young Wives committee meeting went on quite late. I did an hour’s work before I went.

Tuesday 13th June 1967
Gillian to tea with Sarah.
Lovely day. My driving lesson went quite well. Washed a couple of blankets this afternoon and played some badminton with Philip. Have written to Dad and Mur.

Wednesday 14th June 1967
Have washed the scatter cushions and covers this afternoon – besides polishing the dining room and lounge. Worked till quarter to four too! Just packing up some sweets to send to Holland.

Thursday 15th June 1967
Mrs Stiles and I were very busy this morning – piles of work to do and wasn’t able to go back this afternoon. Played badminton. Gillian made her cakes this evening for her Cook’s badge tomorrow!!

Friday 16th June 1967
Had my last before test lesson – not too bad! Worked hard, washing, mowing lawns and ironing this afternoon. Joan rang. Tim having a good time. Bad night with Philip.

Saturday 17th June 1967
Brownie Revels 3-5:30pm
Cyril and I shopped in Esher – early lunch then we took children to the fete. Philip and I stayed there while Cyril took Gill to revels (Brownie). We came home about 4:15pm. Cooked salmon etc. for tonight.


5 thoughts on “Week 24 : 11th-17th June 1967

  1. First time reader. Want a great idea for a blog. Instantly travelled back in time when reading this, to a much simpler world :). Look forward to reading more here!


  2. This is such a cool series you’ve come up with! I was actually playing with a similar idea for my blog, to highlight moments in history. But it’s so cool that you have these diary entries to make it personal, and even more interesting!


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