Week 25 : 18th-24th June 1967

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1967:

  • 18th June 1967 – Guitarist Jimi Hendrix and rock group The Who made their American debuts, appearing on the final day of the Monterey Pop Festival.
  • 19th June 1967 – In a secret meeting, Israel’s cabinet of ministers approved a resolution, approving the eventual return of the captured Sinai Peninsula to Egypt if diplomatic relations could be established and if Egypt recognized Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation. The same condition of a return to pre-war borders would be offered to Syria, but not to the West Bank or Gaza Strip.
  • 20th June 1967 – Muhammad Ali was found guilty of draft evasion by a federal jury in Houston and sentenced him to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The next day, Ali’s lawyers filed an appeal and Ali remained free pending the its outcome. Now barred from boxing, Ali spent the next three years on the lecture circuit and appearing in movies and even on the Broadway stage, before the Supreme Court reversed his conviction in 1970.
  • 20th June 1967 – The U.S. House of Representatives voted, 385-16, to approve a bill to make the burning of the American flag a federal crime. It was then discovered that they had passed a bill that had left out the word “burning”.
  • 21st June 1967 – Ruhi al-Khatib, the Arab mayor of the formerly Jordanian East Jerusalem, raised the flag of Israel over the town hall in a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Israeli Jerusalem. Mayor Kahtib, who had been a civil servant in British Palestine, shook hands with Mayor Kollek and said, “All of us love Jerusalem. We will do our best for Jerusalem”, while Mayor Kollek said “Now we are again citizens of united Jerusalem. We shall both have to adjust ourselves.” Only eight days later, the Israeli government dissolved the Palestinian municipal government of East Jerusalem and fired Khatib.
  • 22nd June 1967 – British Home Secretary Roy Jenkins announced in London that the United Kingdom would adopt year-round “summer time”, moving clocks forward one hour on February 18, 1968, and keeping them at one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
  • 24th June 1967 – Tornadoes, rarely seen in Europe, killed at least 22 people and injured 200 as they swept across France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Six villages in the Nord Department of France were struck, killing seven and injuring 40, while six were killed and 17 hurt in the Dutch provinces of Noord-Brabant and Gelderland. In Belgium, the village of Oostmalle was heavily damaged.

Around Oxshott, here’s what Peggy and the family are up to:

Sunday 18th June 1967
Dads Day! So Cyril had a cuppa in bed!! I’ve been quite busy but have had a pleasant day. Collected the books this am and did the bank statement. Very hot. Children had pool out.

Family in Doris' Garden '64

Happy Fathers Day Pa. Love you. Miss you.

Monday 19th June 1967
Failed my test again and feel very miserable. Had a wretched night with Philip so called on Dr Little and he has given him some sleeping pills.  (!!!)

Tuesday 20th June 1967
Getting over my disappointment. Mrs Stiles and I working hard on a trial balance! We worked all through lunch hour till 3.30pm. Quite a good Young Wives meeting. No longer Young – just Wives now.

Wednesday 21st June 1967
School day off.
Gillian rang me up at noon as Philip was coughing so. I got Sue to run me home. He had been in long grass and was okay after a bit. Very warm this afternoon. Joan rang.

Thursday 22nd June 1967
Worked very hard at office again today – right up till 4.15pm. Mrs S and I are having no luck with our trial balance. Have cleaned brass, done washing and all sorts tonight – tired out.

Friday 23rd June 1967
Morning off – meet Stan at L/A.
Cyril and I went (with Phyl & Julian) to meet Stan. Plane on time and all well – until we got to Claygate on the way home when Julian was very sick! I went to work all afternoon.

Saturday 24th June 1967
Cyril did the shopping while I washed, cleaned carpets and did all sorts. Then I went to the office for 2½hrs. Played canasta and won three games.






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