Week 27 : 2nd-8th July 1967

Around the world this week in 1967:

  • 2nd July 1967 – The Vela 3 and Vela 4 satellites, launched in May to monitor Soviet nuclear testing by detecting gamma rays, recorded the first of many gamma-ray bursts. US authorities were worried, but they soon realised that neither China nor the Soviet Union could test nuclear weapons every other week. Nearly 30 years later, in February, 1997, modern satellite technology would confirm that the gamma-ray bursts came from other galaxies.
  • 3rd July 1967 – Norwell Gumbs began duty with the Metropolitan Police Service as the first non-white policeman in London. Gumbs, a 21-year old British citizen originally from the West Indies, had started training on March 29, and was assigned to the West End Central Police Station.
  • 4th July 1967 – The House of Commons voted 99 to 14 to approve the Sexual Offences Act 1967, decriminalizing homosexuality in England and and Wales. The law removed penalties only for relations between men over the age of 21. Sexual relations between lesbians were still prohibited, and new the law did not apply to Scotland or to Northern Ireland.
  • 6th July 1967 – Pan American Flight 100 from New York to London, became the first commercial airline flight to make a fully automated landing without the intervention of the crew. The passengers on board were not informed until after the “no hands” landing, but applauded the announcement.
  • 8th July 1967 – Died: Vivien Leigh, 53, British film actress and winner of two Academy Awards, known for her roles in Gone With the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Back in Oxshott:

Sunday 2nd July 1967
Gill, Phil and I went to church at 10am – back to a bit of gardening and all sorts. All had shampoos later. Didn’t go out. Joan rang.

Monday 3rd July 1967
Our 17th Anniversary.
Doris rang early with congratulations. Apart from that today has been much like any other. Did a bit of sewing this evening. Having a day off tomorrow.

Tuesday 4th July 1967
Gill’s Sports Day.
Had a soul destroying morning trying on bathing suits – it was hopeless. Bought one eventually at C & A, but think I’ll take it back. Gillian enjoyed her races, even though she came in last!

Wednesday 5th July 1967
Worked until 4pm today. Plenty to do at the office. Have done some washing and general cleaning at home. Going to Mur’s on Saturday. Have my watch strap – very smart.

Thursday 6th July 1967
Another fine day – I’ve worked most of it. Went down to see Mrs Findlay this evening and spent an hour or so chatting with her. Joan rang.

Friday 7th July 1967
Very hot! Went to Esher at lunch time – did the weekend shopping – back to work and then home to work. Have done the washing and ironing this evening. Children early to bed but not to sleep.

Saturday 8th July 1967
To Mur’s.
Set off at 8am – at Mur and Dave’s  by quarter to ten. Have had a very nice day and Mur and I went out to Andover during the afternoon while the men took the children out. Mur and Dave have a very nice house – all new utensils and furniture and they seem very happy there. Left 9pm, home 10:20pm.


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