Week 28 : 9th-15th July 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s the world was up to this week in 1967:-

  • 9th July 1967 – At least 371 people were killed in Japan when landslides, triggered by heavy rains from Typhoon Billie, hit the western half of the Kyushu island.
  • 10th July 1967 – ‘Ode to Billie Joe’, one of the most popular songs of 1967, was recorded by songwriter and singer Bobbie Gentry.
  • 11th July 1967 – The Irish parliament amended the Censorship of Publications Act to provide that the banning of a book by the Censorship of Publications Board would be limited to 12 years. Although the Board retained the right to ban a title again, the amendment resulted in the unbanning of thousands of books.
  • 12th July 1967 – Five days of rioting in Newark, New Jersey began when an African-American taxicab driver, John Smith, was arrested by two city police officers. As rumors spread that Smith had been killed by the police, a crowd marched toward the Newark City Hall in what started as a nonviolent protest. An attempt was made to disperse the crowd and the riot started. When the riot ended on the 17th of July, 21 black residents were dead (including six women and two children) along with a white policeman and a white fireman.
  • 13th July 1967 – The Abortion Act 1967 was approved by the House of Commons by a 167-83 margin. It would receive approval of the House of Lords, without significant alteration, on October 26 and given royal assent the next day.
  • 14th July 1967 – The Bee Gees released Bee Gees’ 1st, which went on sale in the United Kingdom. Although it was their third album, it was the first to be distributed in the UK and the United States. The first two albums had been released only in Australia and New Zealand.
  • 15th July 1967 – A settlement was established by Israeli citizens in the Golan Heights, which had been captured from Syria the previous month during the Six Day War. The settlers took over Aleika, an abandoned Syrian army camp, and created the Merom Golan kibbutz.

And here’s what Peggy and the family are up to:-

Sunday 9th July 1967
Another lovely day – children slept late – Phil had had a bad night coughing and crying. They were up in time for Sunday School. Bill Parker has serviced the car ready for the holiday.

Monday 10th July 1967
Have been feeling exhausted today – must be the heat – it’s very hot again. Too hot for me – can’t work up any energy to do any jobs!!

Tuesday 11th July 1967
Another scorcher – and an energy lacking day for me. Worked until 3:30pm. The children are wallowing in the pool – and I wish I were too!!

Wednesday 12th July 1967
Yet another very hot day. Oh dear – I’ve no energy at all – even writing this makes me perspire freely.

Thursday 13th July 1967
School Open Day
Worked till twelve. Went to Open Day this afternoon. There seems to be a little improvement in the children’s work. Have had a cold bath in an attempt to get some energy!!

Friday 14th July 1967
Another life-less sort of day. I have done some washing since school – but that’s about all and I’ve been on the sofa since then!

Saturday 15th July 1967
Only had village shopping today – that took long enough! We’ve been very busy. Cyril has cleaned the Corsair and me the Anglia. Cyril has done some plant (indoor) tidying up ready for the holiday and we’ve spent a couple of pounds at Claygate fete. Heard that Dad is going to Andover tomorrow. Played canasta.


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