Week 29 : 16th-22nd July 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening this week around the world in 1967:-

  • 16th July 1967 – In the village of Marzabotto in northern Italy, survivors and families of the victims of the October 1944 massacre voted on the fate of former German Army Major Walter Reder, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for ordering the killing of 300 townspeople. Reder had written from his prison cell to Marzabotto’s municipal council, expressing his remorse and asking for support for his petition for a release so that he could be with his ailing mother. Of 288 eligible people who cast ballots, four voted for forgiveness, and 282 voted against.
  • 17th July 1967 – Died: John Coltrane, 40, African-American jazz composer and saxophonist died of liver cancer.
  • 18th July 1967 – Minister of Defence Denis Healey announced the closing of the UK military bases in Malaysia and Singapore, with half of its 80,000 troops to be pulled out by 1970, and a complete withdrawal by 1977.
  • 19th July 1967 – Born: Rageh Omaar, Somalia-born British journalist; in Mogadishu.
  • 19th July 1967 – Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ replaced Procol Harum’s ‘ A Whiter Shade of Pale’ as UK No. 1.
  • 20th July 1967 – The U.S. House of Representatives decided against approving a $40 million program that was intended to exterminate rats in inner city slums over a period of two years. President Johnson responded with, “an unusually bitter statement”, complaining that, “We are spending federal funds to protect our livestock from rodents and predatory animals. The least we can do is give our children the same protection that we give our livestock.”
  • 21st July 1967 – Died: Albert Luthuli, 69, South African anti-apartheid leader, President of the African National Congress since 1952, and 1960 Nobel Prize for Peace laureate. Killed when he was struck by a freight train while walking along a railroad track.
  • 22nd July 1967 – Explorer 35, launched by NASA to study and measure the shadowing effect of the moon on solar electrons, entered lunar orbit and began sending back data. Although its instruments would be switched off by 1973, Explorer 35 would still be orbiting the Moon half a century later.

Here’s what’s happening in Peggy’s world back in Oxshott:-

Sunday 16th July 1967
I’ve certainly more energy since I gave up taking my relaxing pills but I ought to start them again as my test is drawing nearer. Very hot again.

Monday 17th July 1967
Cyril’s gone to Cardiff. It’s a terribly hot day again – very damp and sticky. Cyril rang – it’s pouring hard in Cardiff. Expect we will get it later. Am expecting Mur and Dave, Caro and Dad on Saturday.

Tuesday 18th July 1967
Mary & Leonard’s Anniversary.
Overslept this morning after a disturbed night with a) Philip, b) thunderstorm and c) Philip!!!! Very close still. Cyril arrived home at 5:20pm

Wednesday 19th July 1967
Philip to tea with Andrew Buchan.
Started taking my pills in readiness for driving again and feel too tired to care! Must leave them off. Worked late.

Thursday 20th July 1967
Worked all day and at home in the evening trying to catch up and leave my house in order. Also working hard at home, windows, brass etc. Baking too, for the weekend.

Friday 21st July 1967
Driving Lesson 3:15-4:45pm
Completely taken aback by the new car Mr Green turned up in to take me for my lesson. A VIVA. Not at all happy about it. Busy in the kitchen all evening. Up half the night with Philip.

Saturday 22nd July 1967
Mur & Co today.
Worried about Phil – temperature of 101.4° so he’s in bed for the day. Mur and Co arrived at quarter to twelve (near enough) having lost their way a little. However, we had an early lunch then a long afternoon. Philip, of course, stayed in bed most of the day. We let him get up to see the films. We all (except Cyril – he stayed with Phil) went for a walk on the Heath about 8pm. Family left 9:15pm. I then helped Mary for a little while.



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