Week 30 : 23rd-29th July 1967

Diary Shelf


Here’s what’s happening in the world this week in 1967:-

  • 23rd July 1967 – The 12th Street Riot, one of the most destructive riots in US history, occurred in the inner city of Detroit. Over the next five days, 43 people were killed, 1,189 were injured and 7,231 arrested.
  • 24th July 1967 – During an official state visit to Canada, French President Charles de Gaulle spoke to a crowd of over 10,000 French-speaking Canadians in Montreal. The crowd sang along when a band played the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, but booed when the same band began to play the Canadian national anthem, O Canada.
  • 25th July 1967 – Canada’s Prime Minister Lester Pearson issued a public rebuke to visiting French President Charles De Gaulle for his speech in Montreal proclaiming, “Vive le Quebec libre!” “Statements by the president tend to encourage the small minority of our population whose aim is to destroy Canada,” Pearson said. De Gaulle cancelled his planned meeting with the Prime Minister and left Canada about 24 hours later.
  • 25th July 1967 – Fifty miners near Carletonville, South Africa, were killed as they were descending a steep spiral staircase for their shift at the Western Deep Level Mine. When one miner slipped, a chain reaction followed as those below toppled down the stairs.
  • 26th July 1967 – The Cunard Line steamship company announced that it had sold its famous ocean liner, RMS Queen Mary, to the Harbour Commission of Long Beach, California for $3,444,000.
  • 28th July 1967 – The Mulford Act was signed into law by California Governor Ronald Reagan as one of the stricter means of gun control. It provided a five-year jail term for any person caught carrying a loaded gun on a public street within the state.
  • 29th July 1967 – An explosion and fire on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal  killed 134 U.S. Navy sailors. While the crew was fuelling and arming aircraft, a rocket on an F-4 Phantom jet fighter was accidentally fired. The rocket travelled across the deck  striking an A-4 Skyhawk attack jet and setting it on fire. The carrier’s fire-fighting crew was working on putting out the fire when the heat caused the bomb on other planes to detonate. Future Arizona U.S. Senator and presidential candidate John McCain was in the A-4 when it was struck by the rocket.

And here’s what’s going on in Oxshott:-

Sunday 23rd July 1967
Mary’s party.
Helping Mary on and off all day and by 6:30 I was worn out. Had a quick bath before going next door. Philip’s temperature has been normal all day, but he has stayed upstairs.

Monday 24th July 1967
Driving lesson 6-7:30pm – lousy!
Took Phil to Dr Little. He says his chest is quite clear so I’ll send him to school tomorrow. Only did a couple of hours at the office. Philip went up with me. Done a load of washing and even cleaned the dining room floor today. Had a lousy driving lesson!

Tuesday 25th July 1967
D.T. 2pm
A great day – I passed my test and still can’t believe it!!! I took the car out straight away and met the children. Have also been over to Molesey with Di tonight!

Wednesday 26th July 1967
Took the car to the office – very nice too! Had a hair-do, also very nice. Am told it takes years off me. Had to go out again and meet Gill from Brownies. Washed the car tonight – ready for Friday.

Thursday 27th July 1967
Prize giving – Infants 2:30pm; Juniors 7:15pm
Children were both disappointed that they didn’t get prizes. Must confess I found going to afternoon and evening session a bit boring. Mowed lawns. Cleaned car.

Friday 28th July 1967
Last day of term.
10pm and all in bed except me! Went to the office 8:30am-10:45am and have been on the go since then! Had lunch, Cyril and I, at the Steak House. Very expensive! Then Cyril had to unexpectedly buy a new tyre! Then Anne and Alan called! However, we’re packed and ready for off. I’m just going to bed!

Saturday 29th July 1967
Away we go!
Set off at 2am – a convoy of us, Dennis, Leonard and Cyril. Roads quite full but no hold ups. We kept with the Leyshons all the way and met up with Leonard outside Exeter. Rain started in Devon – after a beautiful night and we cooked breakfast in drizzle and mist on Dartmoor about 7:30am. Weather got worse and it’s raining well now. We all had a sleep this afternoon.





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