Week 39 : 24th-30th September 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s something of what’s going on around the world this week:-

  • 24th September 1967 – Israel’s Prime Minister Levi Eshkol announced Government Decision 839 approving Jewish settlements in lands captured during the Six Day War, starting with the re-establishment of the West Bank settlement of Kfar Etzion. The decision came almost twenty years after the previous Kfar Etzion settlement had been destroyed and 157 of its 161 residents massacred.
  • 24th September 1967 – The Karisoke Research Center for protection of gorillas was founded in Rwanda inside the Volcanoes National Park by primate researcher Dian Fossey. She chose the name because the campsite was located between Mount Karisimbi and Mount Visoke.
  • 25th September 1967 – Seventeen children in the Mexican city of Tijuana died and people 574 were hospitalised after eating breakfast. Initially, investigators believed that the milk they had consumed had been tainted, but the poison was soon traced to bread that had been contaminated by parathion, an insecticide that had been stored in a bakery supply warehouse. Contaminated flour and sugar had been shipped to nine bakeries, which in turn distributed its products to retail outlets around the city.
  • 27th September 1967 – Canada broke with the United States for the first time over Vietnam War policy, as External Affairs Minister Paul Martin addressed the United Nations General Assembly, suggesting that the U.S. make an unconditional halt to the bombing of North Vietnam. “All attempts to bring about talks between the two sides,” Martin said, “are doomed to failure unless the bombing is stopped.”
  • 29th September 1967 – Speaking in Texas at the National Legislative Conference, U.S. President Johnson told his audience, “I am ready to talk tomorrow with Ho Chi Minh and other chiefs of state to discuss an ending to the Vietnam War”, but added that an immediate halt to bombing would happen only if he believed that it would, “lead promptly to productive discussion”, and that “It is by Hanoi’s choice, not ours, not the world’s, that war continues.” Earlier in the speech, Johnson gave his reasons for a continued fight: “I cannot tell you, with certainty, that a southeast Asia dominated by communist power would bring a third world war closer to terrible reality,” he said, “But all that we have learned in this tragic century strongly suggests that it would be so.”
  • 29th September 1967 – The classic sci-fi TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was broadcast for the first time, on ITV.
  • 30th September 1967 – BBC Radio completely restructured its national programming, with the inauguration of four new stations. Radio 1, introduced by its first disc jockey, Tony Blackburn, modeled its pop music format on pirate radio stations. Radio 2 featured music formerly heard on the Light Programme. Radio 3 adopted the classical cultural format formerly heard on the Third Programme. Finally, Radio 4 followed the talk radio and news format formerly heard on the Home Service.

And here’s what’s occupying our family:-

Sunday 24th September 1967
I was up first and did the veg before breakfast. Then went and picked a few mushrooms. Rob and I took David James’ coat to Bredon. Nasty, wet day. We four, Rob, Mag, Cyril and I went for a pre-lunch drink. We left Longdon at 2:40pm, home at 6:20pm. Nice to be home.

Monday 25th September 1967
Back to work! – and there is plenty of it. Lot of washing to do too. Cyril and I had a snack lunch and have roast the chicken etc. for our evening meal. Have had to do an hour’s office work at home tonight.

Tuesday 26th September 1967
Another very busy  day at the office – everything seems to be complicated and I was glad to get away at 3:45. Plenty to do at home too!

Wednesday 27th September 1967
Cyril and I had a half day and dashed up to Gamages and had a spending spree – bought a new bed for Gill’s room and carpets for both their rooms – and a suit and shoes for me – and a few odds and ends. Home at 5:20pm.

Thursday 28th September 1967
Worked until 12:15pm. Played badminton this afternoon – a bit better. I managed to get three games in. It’s been a beautiful day but is raining now.

Friday 29th September 1967
Wet, miserable day. Cyril wasn’t home to lunch so I went to Esher at 12:15. Did the bank and a great deal of shopping. Tired myself out. Mr. Trapmore brought round the fireplace pieces (a Claygate fireplace) this evening ready to start tomorrow.

Saturday 30th September 1967
We’ve had the fireplace put in today. Not too much mess and it certainly makes a great difference to the room. Philip went to Carol’s party. I took Gillian and Debbie out looking for conkers for an hour this afternoon. Played Canasta.


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