Week 47 : 19th-25th November 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s going on around the world this week in 1967:-

  • 19th November 1967 – Forty-two paratroopers of the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne division were killed, and 45 injured, when an American F-100 accidentally dropped bombs on a command outpost. The incident of “friendly fire” accounted for most of the American casualties that day.
  • 20th November 1967 – Singapore issued its own coins for the first time, in denominations of one, five, ten, twenty and fifty cents and one Singapore dollar. After independence, Singapore had relied upon the Malaya and British Borneo dollar that had been the common currency during its membership in the Malaysian Federation.
  • 21st November 1967 – U.S. President Johnson signed the Air Quality Act into law, giving federal government jurisdiction over regulation of air pollution throughout the United States.
  • 22nd November 1967 – UN Security Council Resolution 242 was adopted, establishing a set of principles aimed at guiding negotiations for an Arab/Israeli peace settlement including the return of captured territories in return for the Arab nations’ acknowledgment of Israel’s right to exist as a nation. The wording of the resolution had been negotiated through the efforts of the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Lord Caradon. The resolution called upon Israel to withdraw from the territories that it had captured during the Six Day War, and for the Arab nations to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Egypt and Jordan accepted the resolution on the condition that Israel withdraw, Israel accepted provided that the Arab states negotiate directly with it and finalize a comprehensive peace treaty. Syria rejected it altogether.
  • 22nd November 1967 – Long John Baldry’s Let The Heartaches Begin reached No.1 in the UK.
  • 24th November 1967 – In the aftermath of the devaluation of the British pound, investors broke records for the second day in a row in the purchase of gold. Gold dealers in London reported that buying orders were, “arriving in near panic proportions from all over the world”. In Paris, where the daily gold sales had averaged 12.3 million francs before the devaluation, the sale on Friday was 62,8 million.
  • 25th November 1967 – Heavy rain began that would lead to the deaths of 462 people in Portugal. Falling on the area in and around Lisbon, 125mm of rain fell in over seven hours causing the River Tagus and its tributaries to overflow. 64 people were killed in the Lisbon suburb of Odivelas, and 90 died in the village of Quintas, but most of the deaths came in Lisbon’s slums, where three million people lived.
  • 25th November 1967 – Iran’s first nuclear reactor, the Tehran Research Reactor, was inaugurated at the Amir Abad campus of the University of Tehran. Construction had commenced in 1958.

And here’s what our family are up to back in Oxshott;-

Sunday 19th November 1967
Cyril has done what he set out to do – put all the bulbs in – children helped when they came home from Sunday School. I made the Christmas puds this afternoon.

Monday 20th November 1967
Busy day at the office. Mr. Murray doesn’t seem unduly worried about devaluation and the rise in the bank rate. The daily papers are certainly having a ball – what with the politics and the dreadful foot and mouth disease – the papers and the newsreels are most depressing.

Tuesday 21st November 1967
Feeling down in the dumps today – probably doing too much going to work mornings and afternoons and trying to keep things up to date at home.

Wednesday 22nd November 1967
Cyril didn’t come home to lunch, so I came down for an hour and did some washing and cleaning up. Quite a nice afternoon. Cyril picked the Brownies up at 5:30pm.

Thursday 23rd November 1967
Feeling miserable today – Cyril and I are not the best of friends. Quite a nice, fine day. Letter from our Mur – to my surprise she didn’t tear me off a strip because of my last letter to her.

Friday 24th November 1967
Only intended working this morning. Went to work early and left early. Came home and cooked the lunch, did some washing and finished preparing fruit and tin for Christmas cake. Then I went to the Christmas Fair and baked the Christmas cake this evening.

Saturday 25th November 1967
Philip coughing slightly so he stayed in bed all morning. Gill and I went to Esher Library and did some (only a little owing to funds – lack of!) Christmas shopping! Gill and I went again to the Christmas Fair. I won a bottle of sherry on the bottle stall. Had a chicken dinner this evening.




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