Week 52 : 24th-31st December 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s going on in the world at Christmastime 1967:

  • 24th December 1967 – The People’s Republic of China tested a missile with a thermonuclear warhead and had to destroy it prematurely after the rocket went off course.
  • 26th December 1967 – The Beatles’ film Magical Mystery Tour premièred as a made-for-television movie on BBC1 in the United Kingdom.
  • 27th December 1967 – Australia won the 1967 Davis Cup in tennis for the third year in a row, and for the 15th time in the past 18 years, when the doubles team of John Newcombe and Tony Roche defeated Spain’s team of Manuel Santana and Manuel Orantes in straight sets.
  • 29th December 1967 – The term black hole, to describe an area of gravitational collapse where the pull is so great that even visible light is unable to escape, was coined by Princeton University physicist John Archibald Wheeler at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • 30th December 1967 – The United Kingdom’s House of Lords made an interpretation of gaming laws that required the banning of the zero from roulette wheels, or any other feature in roulette where the bettor would be put at a disadvantage. The Lords concluded that since, in “zero roulette”, the gambling house had a 3 percent advantage over the bettor, the feature was a violation of British gaming law requirements. 
  • 31st December 1967 – Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel attempted to jump 141 feet (43 m) over the Caesars Palace Fountains on the Las Vegas Strip. Knievel crashed on landing and the accident was caught on film.

Here’s what’s keeping Peggy and the family busy back in Oxshott:

Sunday 24th December 1967
Am on bitter lemon today – and have been to bed this afternoon – went into Phyl & Stan’s this morning. Great excitement of course but the children went to bed early. Didn’t get the stockings into their rooms until 4:15am!!

Christmas Day – Monday 25th December 1967
We were up and about quite early – children very pleased with their gifts. Gillian not too well – very late going to sleep last night because of a loose tooth. We all had nice presents. Cyril gave me nylons, slippers, Faberge perfume and chocs. We had a late Christmas Day lunch. Cyril not at all well and went to bed early. I played cards next door.

Boxing Day – Tuesday 26th December 1967
Joan rang, all hoarse voiced to say they couldn’t come today because of ‘flu. We had the neighbours in for drinks and played cards in the evening. I’m still coughing, so is Cyril, Gill still not quite fit.

Wednesday 27th December 1967
Back to work for me and what a pile of it! Cyril rang at noon to say Anne and Alan were here – so I came home until 2pm.

Thursday 28th December 1967
Philip now running a temperature. Rang Doctor Little and he has prescribed an anti-biotic. I went to work until one o’clock. Played cards with M & L.

Friday 29th December 1967
Philip not at all well. Running quite a high temperature and coughing a lot. Mr M gave me a £10 Christmas bonus – but forgot last month’s £4.4.6d. I’m feeling a bit browned off with the office management. Had my hair done this afternoon and did a load of washing which has dried.

Saturday 30th December 1967
Only had village shopping this morning which Gill and I did. Then we came back and played two games of ‘Sorry’ with Philip (he is still running a temperature). Gill and I went out again to Leatherhead and bought Phil a dressing gown.

Sunday 31st December 1967
Philip about the same. We had an early lunch then left for the Theatre at 2pm. Picked up Gillian Stephens and Sarah. Had a cuppa before going into the very smart Odeon on St Martin’s Lane. Saw ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ and enjoyed it (an expensive afternoon out though!). Home about 8pm. And so to the end of 1967, which has been a bad year for the country.




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