Week 6: 7th February – 13th February 1943


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1943

  • Operation Ke was completed when 10,000 Japanese troops on the island of Guadalcanal were evacuated to rescuing ships before U.S. forces realized what had occurred. The evacuation was accomplished by deceiving U.S. intelligence into believing that the rescue ships were arriving to bring in reinforcements for a new attack.
  • U.S. Economic Stabilization Director James F. Byrnes ordered a temporary ban on the sale of shoes until Tuesday, when rationing would begin. House slippers, ballet slippers and baby shoes were exempt from the order because their production was not affected by the limited supply of leather.
  • Mrs. Vesta Stoudt, an ordnance factory worker from Sterling, Illinois, and the mother of two sons, wrote to President Roosevelt with her idea for what would become duct tape, which she described as “a strong cloth tape” that had a waterproof wax coating, designed to seal boxes of ammunition. Roosevelt liked the idea and on March 26, 1943, the War Production Board would inform Mrs. Stoudt that it had been approved.
  • U.S. Army Lieutenant General Dwight D. Eisenhower was promoted to the four-star rank for the first time. Coincidentally, Nikita Khrushchev, who would lead the Soviet Union at the same time that Dwight Eisenhower was President of the U.S., was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Soviet Army the next day.
  • William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield created the Nuffield Foundation, Britain’s largest charitable trust, with a gift of £10 million.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy in the ATS:

Sunday 7th February 1943
Vera slept here last night. Up at 10 o’clock. Writing letters. Byked to Auntie Gerti, then on to Hanley S (Swan). Saw Angela. Went to the pictures in the evening “The Letter”.

Monday 8th February 1943
Stayed late in bed – again! How I love my bed! Heard from Reg! Went up town. In the afternoon – went to the flicks at night – saw “Lady from Lisbon.” Not bad. Very cold and wet.

Tuesday 9th February 1943
Didn’t get up very early. Stayed in until 15.00hr. Went down Link shopping. Went to dance at Winter Gds. Met some R/Ms. Came home with one Johnnie – had quite a nice time. No Bill!

Wednesday 10th February 1943
Up early to see Dad off – back to bed! Up again at 0945. Very browned off. Going back on 13.45 train. Got back at 2300. Very uninteresting journey. Met Bdr. George – came back with him.

Thursday 11th February 1943
On duty 0630 for roll call at 0645. Ghastly. Very Very Browned off. Work! work! work!!! Got paid – one bright spot of the day. Spent the evening in the Naafi. Not bad.

Friday 12th February 1943
Up very early again. Quite a gale blowing. Dance – but am on duty – worst luck. Went down to dance – N.B.G.(No Bloody Good?) – no men! Stayed till the end 1130. Searching.

Saturday 13th February 1943
In bed all day – until 1600hr My turn to stay in. Lot of firing morn. & afternoon. Stayed in Naafi until 2130hr. Bed again.


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