Week 8: 21st February – 27th February 1943


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1943

  • A nationwide day of prayer was held in India for Mahatma Gandhi, whose fasting was putting his life in danger.
  • Alexander Belev, the Bulgarian Minister of Jewish Affairs, signed an agreement with Gestapo representative Theodor Dannecker to deliver 20,000 Bulgarian Jews to German labour camps. Belev would oversee the removal of 23,000 Jews to the camps at Treblinka and Auschwitz. Arrangements would be made for another 8,555 to be deported but it was successfully resisted by the Bulgarian parliament.
  • Steel pennies were manufactured in the United States because of the need for copper to be used for the war effort. The one cent piece was made of steel with a thin zinc plating to prevent rust. The new pennies were often mistaken for dimes and were not accepted in machines that had magnets to catch slugs. The unpopular coins were discontinued at the end of the year.
  • The Allies started their new strategy of ’round-the-clock bombing as USAAF planes bombed Germany in the daytime while the RAF struck at night. Over the next two days, over 2,000 sorties would strike German targets.
  • Born: George Harrison, British musician in Liverpool.
  • Nancy Harkness Love, one of 29 pilots in the US Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron, became the first woman to be certified to fly a P-51 Mustang pursuit plane. She would later be the first woman cleared to fly several other military aircraft.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy in the ATS:

Sunday 21st February 1943
It seemed to be all Parade today! First Church then Battery – I mean the other way round! Fetched up as I.F.C. was here. Not too bad a show. On duty S/P.

Monday 22nd February 1943
In bed until 15.00 hrs. Lovely! Walked to Hill Head. Lift in Naval Lorry to Lee. Had tea at ?Kimbells. Very nice time. Ended up in Stubbington canteen. Home 22.30.

Tuesday 23rd February 1943
On duty. Rather cold. Did some path laying. Searching all afternoon. Scrambled some eggs for tea  Went in the Naafi & spent quite an enjoyable evening.

Wednesday 24th February 1943
Glorious day. Went on Parade. In the afternoon sat out in the wood & wrote letters. Super! On duty at night – searching from 0300 – 0100.

Thursday 25th February 1943
Bed!! Glorious Bed! Got up at 1430 for Pay at 14.45. Eventually got it at 15.30!! Went to Fareham – Stubb – Titchfield  Nothing exciting. Got back – saw end of ENSA

Friday 26th February 1943
On duty. Nice day. Someone somewhere let loose some gas – we caught a packet!! S/P for another site. Dance tonight. Went to dance  Good. Saw Robbie again – & met another Commando.

Saturday 27th February 1943
Glorious day! Got nabbed for cook house – scrubbing ?folms! Not bad though. On duty tonight – but no Search ?pa**d. Hope to go to Pompey tomorrow.


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