Week 36: 6th September 1959 – 12th September 1959



Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • The first jet airliner landed in Honolulu, a Pan American 707. With the advent of jet travel, a trip to Hawaii was less than five hours from the mainland, turning the islands into a prime tourist destination. The same plane landed in Tokyo at 8 pm, cutting flight time between the United States and Japan from 29 hours to 17 hours.
  • Eighty-one students from Kenya departed from Nairobi on the first flight of the East African Airlift, en route to New York City and then to colleges in the United States and Canada. The operation, which has been called “The Kennedy Airlift” because of its sponsorship by then-U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts, would bring hundreds of young East African men and women to North American universities and colleges during 1959 and 1960.
  • Prime Minister Harold Macmillan announced that a General Election would take place on October 8, with Parliament to be dissolved on September 18.
  • At Mountain Lake Park, Maryland, seven children were killed when their school bus stalled on a railroad crossing and was struck by a freight train. The bus, with 26 on board, was on its way to Denett Road Elementary School in Oakland when the accident happened. The following day, a train again killed children on their way to school. Mrs. Irene Zimmerman and her six children were struck while on their way to Sacred Heart Parochial School in Waseca, Minnesota.
  • Bonanza appeared for the first time on US television, on NBC. The Western, first to be broadcast in colour, ran for 14 seasons and 440 episodes until January 1973.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:

Sunday 6th September 1959
Today has been a sad day – there is an air of gloom – one of the Mums in our ward collapsed and died – she was almost due to go home. Its awful. Cyril came in this afternoon with Molly – she & Ted had lunch with Cyril & they brought him over. Long evening – no visitors.

Monday 7th September 1959
I’m feeling much better today – and I’ve had my stitches out so can sit more comfortably. Letters from Joan & Mur today & I’ve had the message to Joan, Mur & Dodo – & Cyril! Gillian is still very happy – & Philip has quite good today. I think I’m allowed to change him from now on.

Tuesday 8th September 1959
Another very hot day – Philip has been a bit unhappy this morning & cried rather more than usual – but I think he’s OK this pm. I’ve changed him myself today for the first time – found I managed quite well! Gave Cyril a ring this pm & am looking forward to seeing him tonight. 

Wednesday 9th September 1959
I was supposed to have my Post Natal today to determine when I should go home but Dr. Lindsay hasn’t been near the place. Very hot still – I think we feel it more spending so much of the day in bed. Philip doing nicely. 

Thursday 10th September 1959
It’s 3.30 now – & we’re still waiting for our Post N’s – two of us in here. Cyril was hoping I’d be able to tell him when I was going home. Heard from Joan that they are bringing Gillian back on Tuesday. Very hot again.

Friday 11th September 1959
Still haven’t had my Post N! Still it doesn’t matter so much now as poor little Philip has some sort of infection in his mouth which has cleared up – and that will probably take a few days. Feeling a bit depressed about it.

Saturday 12th September 1959
Eileen C (birthday).
I don’t like Saturdays in hospital! I keep wanting to go round the shops!! – & here I am still waiting for “Horace” to do my post natal! Philip has been very good today – in the ward all day without crying! He’s taken his drops so I’m hoping his mouth infection will soon clear up. We’ve been sitting out in deck chairs today – very nice its been too – & I’ve even done some knitting.

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