Week 32 : 6th -12th August 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week

  • 6th August 1967 – Graduate student Jocelyn Bell of the University of Cambridge radio telescope observatory became the first person to discover a pulsar. She found “a peculiar train of radio signals” that repeated every 1.33 seconds when the telescope was viewing a particular section of the sky.
  • 7th August 1967 – Lunar Orbiter 5, launched six days earlier by NASA, transmitted the most clear pictures up to that time of the far side of the Moon.
  • 9th August 1967 – British colonial authorities in Hong Kong closed down three pro-communist newspapers, the Tin Fung Daily News, the Hong Kong Evening News and the Afternoon News, halting publication pending the resolution of lawsuits, and arresting five of the journalists on charges of sedition and the spreading of false or inflammatory reports.
  • 9th August 1967 – Died – Joe Orton, 34, English playwright and film screenplay writer, was beaten to death at his Islington home by his lover, Kenneth Halliwell, who then committed suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills.
  • 9th August 1967 – ‘San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)’ replaced the Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’ as UK No. 1 single.
  • 10th August 1967 – Section 127 of the Constitution of Australia, which provided that “In reckoning the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth, or of a State or other part of the Commonwealth, aboriginal natives shall not be counted”, was repealed as the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals) 1967 Act went into effect.
  • 11th August 1967 – William C. Foster, the chief American representative at the 18-nation nuclear disarmament conference in Geneva, announced at the White House that the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. had agreed in principle on the conditions of a nuclear nonproliferation treaty.
  • 12th August 1967 – The Prices and Incomes Act 1966, passed the previous year as a means of controlling inflation, went into effect in the United Kingdom, giving the British government the authority to delay increases in prices, surcharges, and salaries.

Here’s what Peggy and the family are up to in Cornwall:

Sunday 6th August 1967
We’ve had a lovely day at Tregarnon all day. Called at the farm we used to patronize two years ago and bought eggs which I boiled for lunch. We stayed there until 6:15pm Gillian enjoyed the swimming pool in the rocks.

Monday 7th August 1967
Went to Daymer and played cricket on the beach and had our lunch there. Very windy and dull so we left and went to Mevagissey where it was fine and warm. Leonard and Mary came back here to tea and we played Canasta.

Tuesday 8th August 1967
Wet morning, Children and we spent the morning doing jigsaws which they bought in the village. After lunch we went to Fowey where again it was fine and warm. Children had a river trip with Cyril at the helm. We had a lovely picnic at Carlyon Bay afterwards. Late home.

Wednesday 9th August 1967
Raining – a very wet morning the children played on the beach in anoraks and boots!! A good afternoon – Padstow – a trip on the boat to Coverack – then on to Trevone. Tea above the beach then the children swam and we played cricket till 8pm.

Thursday 10th August 1967
The hottest day we’ve had and we’ve all caught another layer of sunburn. Spent the whole day at Tristram – then on to Trevone where we played evening cricket. Home tomorrow.

Friday 11th August 1967
We left the caravan at noon as it wasn’t a good day. Had a very nice lunch at Tintagel – on to Boscastle. Left there at 3pm and made our way homewards via Dartmoor. Kids did a bit of exploring at Postbridge. No traffic problems. We were at Andover at 8:30pm, so stayed at Mur’s for an hour. Home 11:15pm All very tired.

Saturday 12th August 1967
Very busy washing etc. Line broke too! Had a drive round for an hour to break myself in again. Did a bit of ironing and then played Canasta.




Week 31 : 30th July-5th August 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week

  • 31st July 1967 – Mick Jagger and Keith Richard had their jail sentences revised by an appeal tribunal led by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Parker. Jagger had been sentenced three months imprisonment, and Richards to a year, after being convicted of possession of pep pills and marijuana respectively. “If you keep out of any trouble for the next 12 months,” Lord Parker told Jagger, “what has happened will not be on your record as a conviction.”
  • 1st August 1967 – Nine Japanese high school students were killed by a lightning strike while they were descending Mount Nishihodaka, a 2,900m peak in Japan’s Hida Mountains, near Nagano. Ten others were injured, and the other 31 members of the group were unhurt.
  • 2nd August 1967 – Israel issued an order canceling the municipal council elections that had been scheduled in the Palestinian towns of the West Bank prior to its capture from Jordan. The four-year terms of all of the members who had been elected in 1963 were extended indefinitely.
  • 3rd August 1967 – U.S. President Johnson asked Congress to temporarily increase individual and corporate income taxes by 10 percent for the 1968 tax year and announced that he had approved sending an additional 45,000 American troops to fight in the Vietnam War before June 30, bringing the total number of U.S. personnel in South Vietnam to more than half a million.
  • 4th August 1967 – The Defence Amendment Act, 1967 went into effect in South Africa, providing that every young, able-bodied white South African male was subject to military training and service with the South African Defence Force (SADF).
  • 5th August 1967 – One hundred and thirty seven people died from poisoning at a new moon festival in Madras after drinking varnish, mixed in a cocktail with lime juice, because of a prohibition in Madras state against the sale of liquor. 

Here’s what Peggy and the family are up to in Cornwall:

Sunday 30th July 1967
Much to our surprise, as it was a dull day when we awoke, we have spent most of the day on the beach – I’ve even been in and had a surf. Lovely it was too. We’ve been for a walk this evening.

Monday 31st July 1967
Went to Wadebridge and from there to Daymer where we spent the afternoon swimming (glorious). To Padstow in the evening where, thank goodness, we found the boat Philip has been searching for.

Tuesday 1st August 1967
Coo – my neck is burning! Had an early (cooked) lunch, then went up the top at Polzeath – have spent a long time in the water – on the surf. Going to the pictures tonight to see ‘My Fair Lady’ – home nearly midnight.

Wednesday 2nd August 1967
Dull day today – we had lunch with Mary and Leonard and didn’t go out until close on 4pm – went to Tintagel and explored the ruins – home about 7:15pm. Children very tired after last night’s late night.

Thursday 3rd August 1967
A lovely day. We’ve had six hours on Tristram Bay today and have another layer of sunburn. Plenty of surfing. Gillian was still in the sea at 5:45pm! Her second session. Rained in the night.

Friday 4th August 1967
Another fine, warm day which we have spent at Daymer. Had a swim after lunch then the children and I with Mary and Di walked to Rock and took the boat to Padstow and bought fish for tea. Home about 6:30pm.

Saturday 5th August 1967
A fine morning – we walked to Rock from Daymer and caught the ferry to Padstow and had lunch there. Found Mary and Leonard parked next to us when we got back to Daymer. Weather worsened – turned cold so we came home to tea. Tried to do my accounts during the evening, but the lighting is very bad.