The Cast

Taylors Drop

Cast of Characters

Peggy’s immediate family and wide circle of friends numbered many people. It would be impractical to list all who get a mention in her diary, however those whose names come up regularly are listed below:


  • Cyril – Husband
  • Gill (Gillian) – Daughter
  • Phil (Philip) – Son
  • Dad – Father
  • Jim and Grace – Brother and Sister in Law, John and Jackie, their children
  • Joan and Fred – Sister and Brother in Law, Tim, Eileen and Andrew, their children
  • Muriel and Dave – Sister and Brother in Law, Carolyn, their daughter
  • Rob and Margaret – Brother and Sister in Law, Robert and Anne, their children
  • Mick and Sue – Brother and Sister in Law
  • Ted and Gill – Brother and Sister in Law
  • Doris and Will – Cyril’s Sister and Brother in Law
  • Eileen – Cyril’s Sister


  • Leonard and Mary – David and Diana, their children – Next door neighbours
  • Stan and Phyllis (Phyl), Julian their son – Next door neighbours
  • Joyce and John – Neighbours
  • Denis and Alma, Deborah and Janet, their daughters – Neighbours
  • Bill and Ivy, Frank and Helen their children – Local friends
  • Gerald and Ena – Friends from Frimley
  • The Greens – Friends from Frimley
  • Molly and Ted – Friends from Watford  (Molly is Peggy’s ex-ATS chum. She and Ted are Godparents to Gill and Phil)
  • Rosaleen Sutherland-Waite, Paul her son – Local friend (Rosaleen taught yoga classes that Peggy attended in the 1970s)
  • Miss Fabb – Gill’s class teacher at Royal Kent Primary School
  • Dr. Little  – the family GP
  • Edna & Denis (Edna is another ex-ATS chum. Married Denis and went to live in Canada)
  • Anne and Alan, Jane and Neil their children (Anne used to work with Cyril and is Gill and Phil’s Godmother)


Mr Murray – Peggy’s boss and owner of Mays Estate Agents
Gloria and Sheena – Peggy’s colleagues.

Ron Fuzzey – Cyril’s work colleague


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