Peggy Ward: 21st January 1921 – 1st December 2010


Peggy, christened Sylvia Helen but known to everybody by her childhood nickname, was for fifteen years a committed and enthusiastic diarist. Between January 1955 and March 1970 she didn’t miss a day. That’s around five thousand diary entries. Why she started is a mystery (although she had written a diary while serving in the ATS in 1943), as is why she stopped – although perhaps, along with her life becoming increasingly full of things to do, she just thought, “well, enough is enough”.

January 1st 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Peggy’s 1965 diary and this blog will carry her diary entries for each day. The plan is that the blog will be updated weekly. The “About Peggy” page carries some background information on Peggy’s life and circumstances, and the “Cast” pages carries an updating list of who’s who.